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    Topping D10 DAC - crackling on fast-forward or changing song

    Hello, I managed to diagnose this issue as NOT connected to my JDS Labs Atom amp because it's exactly the same on my speakers. So it must be the DAC or Windows problem or I don't know. Present on VLC, iTunes, Youtube - it's all the same. I recorded a soundtrack playing from my headphones...
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    Speaker stands - what to look at when buying

    I would like to buy speaker stands for 2-way bookshelf speakers with 6.5'' woofer. It's ELAC DBR-62 for now, but it may change - still, almost all of these have very similar distance from speaker base to the center of the tweeter. Before someone would like to question the point of buying...
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    Allo Volt+ D (Double) - DIY forums legend with horrible datasheet specs

    With how much positive feedback this amp received on various audio forums, especially DIY forums, I decided to dig deeper. The most common praises were quality components used, general build quality, and of course the sound: "clean" and what I found alarming and contradicting the former -...
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