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  1. Xii-Nyth

    Any other cheap balanced dacs besides the Topping D10 Balanced

    So I was about to get a magni heresy and modi 3+, was gonna get heresy and atom dac+ but then id have to pay 30$ shipping to canada twice. Then I noticed the smsl sp200 went down to 140 on drop, and if you spend more than 500 you get an extra 30$ gift card, and the headphones I was gonna get...
  2. Xii-Nyth

    Drops measurements of the Aeon Closed X/2 And Open X/Flow on a graph with Amir's measurements of the Aeon RT (Flow Closed), adjusted to same ratio

    Dashed Lines are the original and Amir's Harman targets, exactly the same for the most part. (Thin and thicc (respectfully)) Solid Green is the Aeon RT (Flow Closed) $500 Solid Red is the Closed X with the single notch filter $380 Solid Blue is...
  3. Xii-Nyth

    Is there a threshold to the power output vs impedance curve?

    As far as I can tell amps just follow v2/r until it reaches a maximum power and clips. I noticed though (all be it on a manufacturers specs page) that the output power at 16 ohms was lower than at 32 on a particular amp. Since I'm getting the Aeon Open X... (was gonna wait for a review by amir...
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