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    Question about Early Reflections / PIR

    My C208 center channel actual measurement has one notable difference from the PIR and that is the hump from around 1200-2800hz. This doesn't show up in the PIR. I was looking at the early reflections and they show ceiling reflections bring down the hump in the on axis frequency response. I have...
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    Multichannel Speaker Levels for Rear Speakers

    I have always perceived rear speakers (both rear surround and Top Rear Atmos) speaker levels to be lower than LCR and side surrounds (after calibration and using test tones). In order for those speakers to sound as loud as the speakers in front and to the sides, I sometimes will bump those up a...
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    SOLD Revel M80xc Speakers (2), brand new in box. White $665 shipped. Payment via paypal (current retail price is $990). I wanted to see if I could manage to fit these on my ceiling to replace the M55xc speakers that I have and unfortunately, for this room they are just a bit too large. Great for...
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    Minidsp SHD for sale in excellent condition, $850 shipped (I will cover shipping and paypal fees). Shipping to U.S. only at this time. I should also add: Does not include microphone Includes original package Dirac is bundled with the hardware and after the sale is transferable Will post pictures...
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    SOLD: Denon X8500H Receiver Price Drop

    SOLD Denon X8500 Receiver (this is the actual unit Amir Reviewed) $2800 Excellent condition no issues at all Includes original box/remote/accessories $2800 delivered (no shipping charge/no paypal fees) Payment via paypal Just one picture as it is still installed, but will post more pictures in...
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    SOLD FS: Rythmik L12 Subwoofers (3 total)

    All 3 are now sold. I have a total of 3 Rthmik L12 subs. All 3 in excellent condition and around a year old. 1 is available for sale now and the other 2 will be available in about 3 weeks. I have the original boxes, packing materials etc. Price will be $450 each delivered (free shipping/no...
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    Subwoofer opinions - Lower tuned ported models

    Looking for some thoughts from others on input for my theater... I currently have 3 Rythmik L12s and was considering adding a 4th but think I am going to a lower tuned ported sub for more output in lower frequencies. Room is a sealed basement about 23ft x 14ft x 8ft. LCR speakers are Revel C208...
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    SOLD I have for sale 2 used Revel M106 in gloss black. I originally. Purchased these used and did not notice the crack in the speaker plastic enclosure. I had used these speakers, in my home theater for about a year and did not ever notice any issues with sound or with measurements vs other...
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    Help Needed: Wireless Roon Endpoint (RAAT) Plus Amp

    I am in the process of going from a Sonos bases system to an all roon setup (RAAT). I have just got an NAD M10 that is working nicely via Roon RAAT. I need to be able to group it with the master bedroom where Revel M106 is located. Looking for a reliable wireless roon endpoint/small amp. I was...
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    New Pioneer and Onkyo Receivers announced with Dirac Not a lot of info but on one Onkyo model they mention Dirac. Not sure if all of the mentioned models there will have Dirac or not but it is an interesting development. HDMI 2.1/8k etc as well. A...
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    SOLD: Revel Performa3 M106 Speakers (total of 3)

    SOLD I will have a total of 3 M106 Speakers (Black/Gloss) for sale. Priced at $625 per speaker. Price includes insured shipping and Paypal fees. All 3 are in excellent condition, and come with original boxes, grills, packing materials, etc. These will be available to ship mid to late January...
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    SOLD Up for sale is about a year old Denon X3500. It has worked flawlessly and is in great shape. $550 shipped via UPS Ground Insured. Payment via paypal. Will post pictures tomorrow. Specs here
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    SOLD: March Audio P502 Amplifier

    Sold $775 + shipping + Paypal Comes with March Audio Box/Packaging. Will post picture today or tomorrow.
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    SOLD Price Drop $525 Shipped $600 + shipping +Paypal In excellent condition. With March audio box/packing. Will post pictures later today or tomorrow.
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    Found: NAD M27

    Found... Looking for an NAD M27, if anyone has one they are looking to part with, let me know. Or if you see one for sale somewhere...
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    SOLD Used and in very good condition. Comes with original box/packing. $75 + $10 shipping. Payment via paypal. Versatile amp... 75w in stereo into 8ohm or mono/bridged 150w. For complete specs;
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    SOLD: Crown XLS1502 Amplifier

    SOLD $250 delivered. Used for about 2 years as a sub amp. Very good condition, no issues. Shipped in original box, packaging via UPS Ground insured. Will get pictures posted tomorrow.
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    WTB: Hypex NC252 based amp or NC250 mono amp

    Prefer March audio but consider others.
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    How does room EQ affect noise and distortion?

    We are starting to get a nice sampling of AVRs and Processors. SINAD measurements range from 53-103. All measurements are done in direct mode. The AVRs/Processors will almost always be used with some sort of room EQ engaged. Couple of basic questions: -What affect does running Audyssey or Dirac...
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    Comparing McIntosh MC462 vs Hypex NC502 objectively

    Ok, this may seem like an odd comparison. For those that know more about amps, I would appreciate some comments. There could not be 2 more different amps probably, but I think it would be interesting. I currently have a McIntosh MC252 which I like quite a bit. Besides the weight, there isn’t...
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