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  1. Jim Matthews

    Is SINAD a proxy for other aspects of performance?

    Full disclaimer : my coding ended at Unix and my math tops out at percentage ROI. I'm beginning to wonder if a device with high SINAD performance also gets other aspects of waveform reproduction "right"? In other words, does a better SINAD imply improved TIM figures and fidelity in the time...
  2. Jim Matthews

    TuneIn app and favorite radio stations

    I'm a BlueSound user and (currently) stream off Amazon based on cost. The Amazon App doesn't integrate well with any device other than Amazon products. (quelled suprise) When puttering in my workshop I stream Jazz, either WBGO from Newark, NJ USA or KNKX from Seattle, WA USA. It's easier to...
  3. Jim Matthews

    Qobuz and auto enrollment

    An FYI to any signing on to a trial streaming membership. Qobuz (and presumably Tidal) auto enroll users to the full subscription. I discontinued Qobuz after 3 days but got dinged $14.99 for a full month I won't use. The honorable approach allows users to "Opt In" for continued service, as...
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