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    Prevent DSP caused digital clipping best practices

    I use REW and Rephase to create FIR filters for room correction and use the Convolver plug in with Foobar 2000. The Convolver Plug in has "automatic level control" which I assumed would prevent digital clipping. The other day I ran a 0 dB sweep and was surprised to hear several frequencies...
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    ABX test Vinyl vs CD can you hear a difference?

    There are many threads past and present regarding some aspect of listening to vinyl. These threads always seem to devolve into claims of how terrible vinyl measures and sounds verses those that say while vinyl may measure poorly it can sound good and due to other factors (nostalgia, artwork...
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    Will NFT replace streaming for high quality music delivery?

    Today was the first I heard about NFT for music I think a strong argument could be made that streaming has seen it's peak and NFT could be the future of music delivery. The biggest issue for...
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    Master tape deterioration science

    There is a lot of discussion on the internet about “original master tapes” of music from the past and their condition and availability as these tapes are used for “re-issues”, “re-masters”, and “re-mixes”. Some people claim original LP’s and even CD’s made from “fresh” master tapes decades ago...
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    Stream Music Directly Into Your Brain?

    Apparently not content with just disrupting the car market Elon Musk now wants to disrupt the Hi-Fi market with direct streaming to the brain. No more worries about age related hearing loss, WAF of speakers, Class D vs Class AB vs Tubes...
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    Linear Power Supply wiring best practices?

    I am working on a DIY monoblock project using a salvaged transformer. The transformer is 48 volt (58 volt no load) ~ 500 VA from a Kenwood power amp from the 1980's (rated at 150 Watts continuous pre channel both channels driven) . Amp will be approximately 150 watts into 8 ohms and 250 into 4...
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