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  1. BoredErica

    Motu M4: Using Sub + Mic (Feedback Loop)

    Hi, I have Motu M4 and I'm hooking up my mic, speakers, subwoofer into it. My understanding is in order to get subwoofer to play with the main speakers, I need to enable "Loopback Mix" in Recording tab of my Windows audio devices settings. This has worked just fine so far, but once I hooked...
  2. BoredErica

    Are you a Subjectivist or an Objectivist?

    A poll so you can tell us what you think. :) There is a thread dedicated to whether measurements tell us everything here. We probably shouldn't argue at length about subjectivism vs objectivism here and just state our opinions because there's a dedicated thread for debate. Keep in mind the...
  3. BoredErica

    Desktop Speaker Stands

    Let's talk about desktop speaker stands! What puzzles me is how short many desktop speaker stands are. I'm about "average height", and I calculate with the LS50 Meta's tweeter at 5.95 inches from the top of the desk when I place it down (height of LS50 meta divided by 2, since the design is...
  4. BoredErica

    Doublecheck My Setup (LS50 Meta + Rythmik f12 + Buckeye Amp + Motu Dac)

    I want to make sure my setup makes sense and the parts are the best for my needs. Suggestions for alternatives to what I've planned would be nice. Goal: Accurate setup for nearfield listening (19in away) with my computer. I only listen in front of my computer and I can't form an equilateral...
  5. BoredErica

    Multiple Amp Questions

    Thanks for your time in advance for whatever you can answer. 1. Does Amir do any measurement for speaker amps that explains how much hiss I can expect to hear from a passive speaker when playing nothing? Do I look at power vs distortion and look at THD% for 50mW? I look at the graph below me an...
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