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    Spdif out of Amazon Echo of Fire TV

    Hello, I am thinking of getting an Amazon music single device subscription -> must use an Echo or Fire tv stick. What are the options to get a spdif out of either of those? Thanks.
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    Ground loop advice needed

    Hi, I had what I think was a ground loop with the following setup: Power strip > raspberry pi 4 official USB psu > raspberry pi 4 > Motu M4 Same power strip > random USB charger > sound blasters G6 > line out (unbalanced) > Motu M4 (the signal reaches to the G6 via toslink optical) Motu M4 >...
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    How to integrate your turntable/analog source in your streaming system - Step by step instructions for dummies

    Hello all, I thought it would be good to put together some simple instructions to integrate a turntable, or any other analog source, into a 2022 wifi streaming environment. My own experinece tells me there are at least two reasons one would want or need to do this: 1. There is a tendency...
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    Problem with sub noise

    Hello gang, I think I might have a problem with my new sub. But as it is also my first sub I am not sure it is a real problem, so wanted to ask here…. The sub is a SVS SB-1000 (non pro, but new, probably one of the last ones around). The problem is that whenever it is on, I can hear a...
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    Have no speakers and need suggestions

    Hi, Yes, starting today i am living the worst nightmare of a music aficionado. Had a pair of floorstanders and started to think of going bookshelf, one reason being space. Put them on sale "to see what happens" and in 24 hours they were gone, and i had no plan-B!! My system currently consists...
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    Budget Standalone "Toslink > DSP > Toslink" with Camilladsp. Set up instructions for newbies.

    Hello team, I wanted to share with anyone interested these easy to follow noob-proof instructions to build something that i think can be a very handy device for very little money. The motivation: Not long ago, and thanks to folks here, i decided to go ahead and do some room correction in my...
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    Dummy to dummy multichannel DSP on the ultra cheap instructions

    Hello guys, I have been reading and asking here and there about how to set up a multichannel system with DSP on the ultra cheap. And even though many of you helped me a lot to understand the implications and requirements and answer all my stupid questions (special thanks for @mdsimon2 in...
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    Techmoan the new Amir?

    It is even funnier after being used to read the reviews here PS: and don't miss the views count after just 4 days
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    Legacy/budget 6 channel power amp recommendation

    Hi, I am looking for a decent 6 channel power amp that i can find used in EU at a good price. I know the obvious answer is an AVR, but i prefer something with a cleaner fascia and smaller (if possible). I know the "small" part won't be easy, but there might be something out there.... What i...
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    Question about Temperature Switch to activate cooling fan in Amp.

    Hello all, I am in the process of placing my Allo Volt +D in a (plastic) box different to the original and with very limited ventilation. As I will use it mainly during summer I am thinking on attaching a fan to the box with a Normally Open temperature switch that I plan to place in contact with...
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    Time to sell?

    I have been doing some changes in my system recently (basically going balanced) and as a result buying/selling some stuff. I guess it is no news for anyone that prices are somehow crazy. Devices that were launched one or two years ago are now more significantly more expensive that when they...
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    Need tone to wake up DAC and Amp

    Hi guys, my knowledge and capabilities in audio start and end plugging cables and installing piCorePlayer in a raspberry, so i need someone's help here. I plan to use the following: Pi(moode) 》DAC (D30pro) 》power amp The D30pro can auto switch on when it receives a signal. The power amp can...
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    Room correction - speakers moving

    Hello all, My problem is a bit silly but i guess i am not the only one... After reading the forum for a while, my next project was to borrow an umik from ebay and perform room coŕrection in my livingroom. I have floorstanding speakers and tiles floor. Living with partner, kid, with friends of...
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    Wireless volume knob recommendation needed

    Hi, is there any wireless volume knob that works with moodeaudio or upnp or volumio or anything similar? The limitations are: no Roon and no need for a pc. Thanks for your input!
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    Upstream eq with raspberry pi

    Hi, I use an integrated streamer/DAC/amplifier so if i want to apply some equalization to music played from a NAS it needs to be done "upstream", that is, somewhere between the NAS and the streamer. To have a desktop computer or a laptop continuously on to do this is no option for me. Before...
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    9v PSU recommendation for DAC

    hi, I own a Pro-Ject DAC box USB since many years ago. I know it is old and cheap, but it is also very small, still looks great, and does everything I need (I also use it as a sort of preamp to switch between sources), so no need at all to "upgrade" (and generate more junk we don't need on...
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