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  1. differenceclouds

    Audio Interface software comparison: MOTU Ultralite Mk5 vs RME Fireface UC

    Hey there! I'm not sure how many producers frequent this forum, but on the off chance someone has familiarity with both RME products and (newer) MOTU products, I wanted to ask for a bit of comparison. I am confident at this point that MOTU interfaces all have great hardware specs, and at less...
  2. differenceclouds

    Anyone tried the Sound Artist LS3/5A (or other clones)?

    Available here: I read a subjective review comparing them to the Falcon remakes unfavorably. It said basically that...
  3. differenceclouds

    Aliante Caterham Model 7 (Italian remake of Sequerra Met 7) article, lots of graphs!

    I found this really interesting article (in Italian) discussing the history of many speakers in general and specifically the Sequerra Met 7, positioning that speaker as a more important step in the history of speaker design than I was aware. I own a pair of met 7s and I really love them. Aliante...
  4. differenceclouds

    NAD C 338 vs Rogue Sphinx - two hypex integrateds

    I'm looking at new integrated amps, and the fuss about hypex boards has intrigued me. Both of these are integrated amps with a phono stage, several line stages, and a headphone amp, and both use Hypex UcD modules, but they seem to have different goals. The DAC and bluetooth on the NAD would...
  5. differenceclouds

    Taboo cheapness: Harrison Labs attenuators & crossovers

    I bought a pair of Harrison Labs 12dB in-line RCA attenuators to solve a hiss in an old Hafler preamp. It works beautifully, as the hiss was independent of the volume control. To my ear, these little magic RCA adapters are transparent, but I would love for someone around here to see how they...
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