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    Added a Genelec 7040A sub to my 8030C monitors

    I've been rocking my Genelec 8030C monitors for a few months now thanks in large part to the ASR review and measurements and I've been very, very happy with them. I always calibrate my setup using a UMIK-1 and REW and they just sound perfect. The effect they have of bringing the singer forwards...
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    Sundara on ID4 MKII?

    I currently am looking for a good mid range headphone to go with my Audient ID4 MKII which currently drives my Genelec 8030C monitors. I'm looking for something that I can throw on mostly for watching tv shows and movies at night, otherwise most critical listening is done on the 8030C's. I...
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    Any benefit to dual chip DACs?

    There are a lot of higher end DACs that use separate DAC chips for each channel. I was wondering if this forum had any opinions as to the benefits (or potential issues) with that setup over a single chip operating on both channels?
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