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    Please provide feedback.

    I am working on my listening room and I have been placing absorption and some diffusion. I have attached some REW data and I am looking at what the data is telling people about the room. Is there any major issues that I need to go after. I am not the best at interpreting the data. The system is...
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    Anyone near knoxville and chattanooga area?

    Just looking to see if there are members close to the area I live in.
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    Little Advice needed. REW file attached

    I have a room that I have used Audiolense and some great technical help/service to get dialed in. I have some room treatments and was thinking about pulling some of the less effective stuff out of the corners and putting six of these in the corners to try and go after the low end and getting a...
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    RME vs Lynx

    I have to get a new audio interface? Using a RME UC at the moment to interface with JRiver. Having driver issues that Jriver is working to resolve when trying to go Live in using ASIO drivers. I need a min of 5 analogue outs, a pair of analogue in for vinyl and either SPIF or optical for CD...
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    Interface advice

    I have a quick question. I changed gear on my setup at home to go DSP and use JRiver and audiolense for room correction. I bought an RME UC and got it configured thd other day and up and running. I also built a new windows PC with the latest Gen 11 processor and windows 10. The setup is OK but...
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    New Computer Build

    I am in the process of Working with Mitch Barnett to acquire his services to dial in a room using Audiolense and his expertise. I have Klipsch Jubilees (2 way speakers) and a subwoofer. SO I will need 5 channels out and also want an analogue in for my phono and a digital in for my CD player...
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