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    Amp + streamer options for Elac Deb. Ref. 62?

    Hi, I'm rather new to ASR. By coincidence I got a pair of speakers recommended by this forum, the Elac Debut Reference 62. I'm gonna use them for a dining room setup. Now I'm looking for something to drive them and I want: - Small in size - Support for Chromecast and Roon - Preferably support...
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    Khadas Tea - New smartphone dac and amplifier

    Not a lot of information yet. But might be a bit interesting:
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    DAC and amp dongle that also charges through USB-C? (use in car)

    Hi, I'd like to find a dongle to use in my car. I have a Hidizs S9, but would like to be able to charge the phone at the same time. It would just drain my phone if I used it in my car with the screen on. Any suggestions? Is there suitable dac and amp combinations with power input and output...
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    Headphone adapter kits, multi cable kits, available alternatives?

    Hi! I have three headphone amps and couple of headphones. They all have different outputs and cable connectors. I've been searching for cable kits / adapter kits. The ones I've seen is Hart Audio cables: What alternatives is there out there...
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    Small amp with subwoofer output?

    Hi, I'd like something small but decent to power my Wharfedale D225 (small speakers) and D10 (sub) I'll mount on my porch. Any suggestions? Does any of those Chinese budget class D amps have a sub output? Not to bulky and pricy. Thanks in advance. Regards,Christian
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    Problem playing from Bluesound NODE 2i to RME ADI-2 DAC via spdif coaxial

    Hi, Just connected these. The dac plays from my computer connected with USB. That works fine. But I don't get the dac to play sound from the NODE 2i connected with coaxial. Can't figure out kind of settings I have wrong. I have changed the source to coaxial on the dac. I did update both units...
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