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  1. tomtoo

    Is my avatar forbidden on ASR ?

    I like to know if my avatar is forbidden on ASR couse its political?
  2. tomtoo

    Is the harmann curve a littel smiley?

    Whats your impression? So 3 days ago i got that cheap panas. Than i eq'ed it to harmann curve. First time i could hear harmann curve. First impression was a littel to much highs and a littel to much upper bass. Not much, i talk about 2-3 db. Whats your impression? I mean thats maybe just...
  3. tomtoo

    Hearing comb filtering in multi tweeter speakers?

    What do you think? Did you hear it? Or is it more a measuring artefact? All opinions are welcome, but most welcome are real hearing experience. Pure subjective impressions.
  4. tomtoo

    A thought about a video from @joentell

    It was this video from @joentell (sry for the following not so good english) I liked it. Usually i like his videos, i think he is a well groundet person. Talk was about how measured FR translates to what other reviers hear and how they discripe this with words. This speaker had a peak at...
  5. tomtoo

    Pro goes hifi or hifi goes pro? sells the Benchmark AHB2 ???
  6. tomtoo

    Has JBL/Harmann have given up the german hifi speaker market???

    This is what you get when you select "all speakers" on the german jbl/harman site. Toys. Bye JBL nice to remember the good old times.
  7. tomtoo

    How importend is impulseresponse of a speaker for the stereowide?

    Have speakers with better impulsresponse a better stereowide? And if so, how do you distinguish between other failures that lead to greater stereowide? Many questions in my mind.
  8. tomtoo

    Androide: Neutron Audio Player

    Guys dont get me wrong, but this thing rocks for me. The first player i tried where i say its bought. Yes maybe its the first impresion? But man i think its cool! What do you think? Before i spend in enthusiasm 5€ and have to regret it for the rest of my live? ;)
  9. tomtoo

    Hi @amirm did you made the test?

    Ok i fucked up on my smartphone with a 6€ panasonic headphone. But it's interesting how you all perform. Do it!
  10. tomtoo

    Review wuzhi zk-1002 (mostly subjektiv)

    I was intersted in this thing just out of curiosity. Had a 24v/3amp powersupply useless hanging around. So 17€? Why not? Ok order at 2 days later arrived. Nice little package...
  11. tomtoo

    Where from does the clicks come in this "unhearable" file?

    I realy wonder. Would be nice if someone could explain? It's 7clicks that are hard to explain for me why they are there??
  12. tomtoo

    tweeters, impulse response, transients

    Hi, i need some help pls. Has someone a good free read about this? Could/Should be technical but without to much math. Edit: I have so many questions that a read would be great. If it not opens more questions. ;)
  13. tomtoo

    A system i realy would like to hear

    I love Horns. I realy would like to know how this sounds? For shure not anemic. :D
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