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  1. raistlin65

    Julian Krause measures front and rear DAC and headphone output of three PC motherboards

    Some not unexpected results, with high output impedance for all three motherboards, and weak headphone power output for two of them Skip forward to 6:15 to see the results table.
  2. raistlin65

    10 Loudspeakers Trends That Should End

    New article by James Larson over at Audioholics 1) Dual Binding Posts on Normal Speakers 2) Small Feet on Big Subwoofers 3) Matte/”Satin” Finish Confusion 4) Not All Non-dome Tweeters are “Ribbon” Tweeters 5) Not All Sealed...
  3. raistlin65

    Solid Snake-Oil Storage: This SSD Is Aimed at Audiophiles

    Yes, another new snake oil product. Schiit should see if they could purchase the rights to sell a rebranded one under their name. They could make a ton of money off this. lol
  4. raistlin65

    'Magic dirt': How the internet fueled, and defeated, the pandemic's weirdest MLM

    I wonder how many audiophiles would fall for this scam?
  5. raistlin65

    Best $300 headphones for music production

    My 21-year-old son has been spending a lot of time doing music production during the last year and a half. He records his own vocals and beats. He has a pair of JBL LSR 305s, but prefers to use his headphones, Sony MDR-1A. I want to get him a new pair of headphones as a gift. So I thought I...
  6. raistlin65

    Butterworth: The #1 Red Flag in Audio Articles, Ads . . . and Everything Else

    Apologies if this was already posted. Brent Butterworth discusses the role of appeals to authority in audio marketing. And it definitely seems like a good ASR discussion topic
  7. raistlin65

    Crinacle: Why (most) Ratings Suck: An Analysis
  8. raistlin65

    Which way should the piano keyboard sound orient in the stereo image of a solo recordings?

    I only took a few years of piano. Even so, I find it's more natural to me when listening to sonatas and other piano solo recordings if the stereo image is setup with the bass to the left and the treble to the right, as if I'm sitting in front of the keyboard. This is kind of a trivial thing...
  9. raistlin65

    The Future of Sennheiser

    Jude at Head-Fi interviewed Andreas Sennheiser (Sennheiser), Daniel Sennheiser (Sennheiser) and Arnd Kaldowski (Sonova) to discuss what the Sonova acquisition means for Sennheiser's consumer headphones
  10. raistlin65

    Audioholics: Signs Point To A DNA-Altering Audiophile Vaccine Available In The Coming Months

    Posted at Audioholics on 4/1. Great piece that I'm sure some of you folks will enjoy :) "Through my golf and finance connections, and powered in part with advances made by biotech firms that are involved with the incredible...
  11. raistlin65

    What Does “Hi-Fi” Even Mean Anymore? This Is What the Experts Say

    Gear Patrol puts this question to Charlie Randall, co-CEO of the McIntosh Group Dave Evans, co-founder of Audioengine Brady Bargenquast, co-founder of Audioengine Mike Moffat, co-founder of Schiit Audio Alex Munro, Brand Director at Q Acoustics Louis Dorio, Product Specialist at Ortofon James...
  12. raistlin65

    I want an AVR with Android or Linux onboard

    I feel like it's time for AVRs to come with a full blown OS so that 3rd party providers and independent developers can create apps for it. Such as built in media players, DSP plugins, or streaming service app. Allow 3rd party theme customization. If nothing else, preload it with Android TV. Or...
  13. raistlin65

    Upgade over Atom amp: THX 789 or...?

    I've decided I want an amp that has a more substantial footprint and weight than my JDS Labs Atom, one that doesn't want to move so much when I plug in headphones. I miss my Schiit Asgard 2 and Audio-GD NFB-11 in that regard. I also liked the size of their volume knobs better. Atom is very wide...
  14. raistlin65

    If you are feeling election anxiety today...

    Remember that regardless of your political party, you are an objectivist. Good objectivist researchers don't speculate about results until all the data is in. So go for a walk, have a beer, listen to some music, and especially avoid all of the media analysts throwing out their ideas. Do...
  15. raistlin65

    New HE5XX from Drop: Is this just a DEVA?

    Drop announced today that a new Drop edition HE5XX will be available for sale starting tomorrow: Mad Lust Envy was given a pre-release pair and published a review today: Price would appear to...
  16. raistlin65

    Weekly r/audiophile Discussion #24: Subjectivism Vs Objectivism

    Just in case anyone is in the mood to watch the fireworks this week. Or even participate in setting some off :D
  17. raistlin65

    HiFi: How Do We Listen?

    I thought this was an interesting piece that encourages the reader to think about listening. Particularly the joy of listening to music versus the joy of listening to gear. And how/whether/when the gear matters to the joy of listening to music...
  18. raistlin65

    "My Favorite Credible Audio Review Sites"

    This article popped up in the news items that Google displays in Chrome on my phone. I thought, why not? Maybe there'll be some sites I haven't seen before. There was a lot questionable in the introduction as I skimmed...
  19. raistlin65

    Your favorite opera from this list?

    Looking for some recommendations of your favorites from the #1 Opera Album My 78-year-old mother is losing her ability to use technology. So I have set her up a folder full of a few hundred songs on her laptop that streams to...
  20. raistlin65

    JDS Labs Atom good pre-amp for ICE125ASX2?

    I read some advice online that the IcePower ICE125ASX2 might be particular about the type of input it gets. Can someone a lot smarter about the electrical engineering than I tell me if my JDS Labs Atom would work well as a preamp for an ICE125ASX2 amp? I'm considering getting this one from...
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