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  1. schomin

    B&W ASW1000 Question

    Hi, I'm currently selling some old B&W CM4 speakers on Facebook MP and had a guy message me about a trade for a B&W ASW1000. I currently don't have a sub but was considering it because of the size of the room I have my setup in. My question is... Would having an ASW1000 be better than having no...
  2. schomin

    Preamp for Purifi Monoblocks

    Hi, I'm a long time lurker and really starting to get my system put together now. I recently got some VTV Purifi Bridged Monoblocks and have been test driving them for a couple of days now. I'm really impressed so far but have questions about a preamp. I am currently using a Pro-ject Stereo Box...
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