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  1. W

    Really need help deciding on AVR / Processor

    Hello all. I have read through forum after forum, to include, the excellent threads on empirical measurements on the units. I understand all have pros/cons, but as surely as I made my mind up and was in the checkout process, uncertainty hit. This setup is for my upstairs family room - 85"...
  2. F

    Arcam AVR10 Review

    Yeah as a general note it’d be great to see the firmware version on devices listed in reviews going forward. lots of AVR’s seem to be coming out of the gate half-finished on the software side, so it’d be helpful to see what version is being tested. Reading through the old Arcam threads there...
  3. N

    Mid/High end Receiver and Amplifier suggestions (Nadz vs Arcam vs Emotiva) etc

    Dear ASR, Long-time reader, first time posting. Some info: I am moving into a new home where a (4m width x 5m depth x 3.8m height) will be a dedicated room for home theatre (70%) and stereo music (30%). I am currently running a 7.2.4 setup with atmos with Kef R- series for speakers and SVS...
  4. S

    F/S: Arcam Alpha 10 Integrated Hi-Fi Amplifier with MM/MC Phono Superb Condition

    This amplifier is a top-end integrated amplifier from Arcam's hi-fi golden age. It is in superb condition, I take extremely good care of my equipment. You know what it is worth and I know so let's be fair to each other. This is not a transplant from UK but an official Arcam version for US. Price...
  5. Echolane

    After major disappointment with audio of ARCAM Sr-250 AVR, & similar disappointments reading terrible measurements on AVRs, what do I turn to for TV s

    i am horribly disappointed in the audio of my AVR, an Arcam SR-250. It’s muddy sounding and unmusical and I’m a music lover that spends about 75% of the time listening to music via Roon or QOBUZ or DVD rather than watching TV. The Arcam is almost six years old now and it went down just past its...
  6. zorak950

    Arcam power amplifiers

    The PA240, PA410, and PA720 from Arcam have all been out for well over a year and I was genuinely shocked at how little there is out there about them; there seems to be an almost complete lack of reviews or even impressions. I understand that Arcam is supposed to have a good brand reputation...
  7. C

    CD Player / Transport with Digital Out

    Mechanical and laser assemblies are usually from sources like philips and sony. Some even uses a computer cd/dvdrom drive (you will find 5 1/4" drive if you open the casing). However, whats critical is beyond the laser. The DSP and DAC is very important. Some folks here might have heard of the...
  8. S

    What electronic audio products you want tested most

    Generally I would love to see more vintage amplifiers (integrated or power) or recent equipment from less reviewed brands here (Arcam SA20, Nuprime IDA9 or MCX series, or even Elac DS A101 or alchemy series) But recently I would be very interested in this one ...
  9. gsp1971

    Cambridge Audio CXA81 Review (Integrated DAC&Amp)

    I lived in the UK from 1997 to 2008 and the specific magazine definitely favored UK products: Arcam, Audiolab, Naim, Rega, Spendor, Harbeth, almost always received 5* reviews and Product Of The Year awards. Moreover, reviews for European / US products were a rarity. Perhaps the odd Focal speaker...
  10. E

    Lexicon MC10 + HypexNC252 for HT/Stereo Setup

    I am looking to set up a system for both home theater and stereo listening. I have settled on the Kef LS50 Meta speakers (5 channels) as well as a SVS sub. Stereo sources would be turntable, CD player, streaming. Multichannel would include Bluray player, gaming console, and streaming. Stereo...
  11. H

    Upgrade to new AVR?

    I just read this review and it was eye opening for certain. It was nice to see good performance numbers for my old and mostly rebuilt AVR 850. I think I can move the NAD off the list at this time. My thoughts are to purchase and compare the Anthem MRX 740 and a new Arcam AVR 31 to my Arcam...
  12. RickSanchez

    Coming back to the fold...

    Well, if you're on ASR you will learn that Amazon reviews (and other subjective sites/forums) for audio devices are garbage. Measured performance is what counts. The Loxjie A10 hasn't been measured here but the A30 is a fantastic amp. Amir even mentions in that review (re: power vs. distortion @...
  13. Bombadil

    Any upcoming AV processors?

    AVM90 available tomorrow, according to Anthem website :)
  14. N

    To DAC or not to DAC?

    Presumably you have seen Amir's test of the AVR850: Depending on settings the integral dac seems to offer 85-98 dB of range. This can be improved upon by the current top level options but not...
  15. tvrgeek

    Are there any working AVRs that support HDMI 2.1, Dirac Live full-frequency, and Dirac Bass Control?

    From their site, it looks like only Bass control is an option, not full spectrum. Not a great review of it either.
  16. W

    Really need help deciding on AVR / Processor

    Denon will send you their stuff for a 90 day trial in your house and pay for return shipping. they have a hidden site of refurbished gear for 15% off.
  17. C

    KEF LS50 Meta Review (Speaker)

    Some affordable integrated amps with good enough measurements (new or used) according to polish magazine and reviews here: Denon pma 800ne Nad c320 or c326 Pioneer a10 to A30 Yamaha as 501 or701 or older 700 with bit better specs Or go with Hypex moddules with y splitter to sub
  18. H

    Any upcoming AV processors?

    I am considering the following processors if anyone would like to comment on which one they would prefer for a combination of home theater and music listening, both equally important, good 4K video also plays into the equation. Here are my choices that I have narrowed it down to. 1. Lyngdorf...
  19. H

    Kef Q150 Bookshelf Speaker (review by Erin)

    Love these speakers. Had them in a small bedroom for 6 months. Have them in white...QED XT25 speaker cable, Bluesound Node 2i going into a Chord Mojo DAC and out to an Arcam Solo Mini CD player/Amp. Great soundstage and fabulous detail for the price. Bass output fine for my tastes ...
  20. DSJR

    Cambridge Audio CXA81 Review (Integrated DAC&Amp)

    You could never compare these two mags in the same breath really and the readers were different types as well... WTF (deliberate mis-spelling) in the UK NEVER measured anything and the inexperienced hacks writing for it were bottom of the pile trying to work their way up I was told... It became...
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