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    Amazon Echo input

    I dug out the echo input i had bought for a bedroom system and am using it with my vintage main system. I wonder how good the dac and analog out is. Next step up would be an Echo Link but it's also getting old. Wish there was a good Amazon Music streamer. Maybe the WIIM mini is worth trying
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    Roger Russell of McIntosh's view on speaker wire I think Roger would have been fond of ASR based on reading his thoughts on speaker wire. I'm coming off the unicorns and rainbows cable journey and just going back to basics that work
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    My affordable Rasperberry Pi Volumio streamer

    Found this kit on Amazon. Adding a Rpi 4 to it made an affordable streamer I can use for Spotify Connect, Airplay and my local FLAC files on a USB hard drive. To get Volumio working I set the I2S DAC option to ST400 Dac (PCM5122) - Amp. By default they don't tell you what setting to use in...
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    Apple Music or Spotify...can't decide

    I've tried both and like both services. The only thing drawing me to Spotify is Spotify Connect on my RPi using Volumio. Spotify Connect is much better than Airplay for streaming to my stereo. Though Apple does have lossless which can Airplay 1 or USB into my DAC. But is lossless or 256K...
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    Any older phones able to output 192Khz?

    Looking for an older phone that can output 192khz over USB to my DAC. I can get 96khz out of my old Honor View 10. I’m using it as USB C out to USB in on my DAC. Works good for Amazon and Apple Music streaming.
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    Amazon Echo Show 8 as media player

    Picked up an Echo Show 8 on sale to use my other Echos around the house. The stereo speakers are not bad for casual listening. I tried the 1/8" stereo out to my stereo system and I like how the display shows what's playing when I stream from Amazon or Apple music. I wonder if it's streaming...
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    What Apple Airport do I need for Streaming Apple Music?

    I'm not sure what version of Airport I need so I can stream lossless Apple music from my iPhone to the Airpot and then use optical out to my Rotel A14 integrated amp. I only want to use if for Airplay of music to my amp.
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    Focal Aria 906 or Elac Debut Reference?

    Based on the reviews here, these two are my top picks to replace my Boston Acoustics A26. Any thoughts? I have a Rotel RA12 integrated, Rotel CD14, Denon DP2500. The Focals are $300 more and look fantastic.
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