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    Sennheiser Launches HD 400 Pro Headphones for Mixing and Mastering

    I was browsing adorama and came across this. Looks like it was only just announed/released today. New open back Sennheiser designed for pro use for mixing and mastering. Interested to see what the frequency response is.
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    What's the highest DR non-classical non-jazz album you know?

    Classical, jazz, orchestral, and instrumental albums tend to have high dynamic range. What album that doesn't belong in these categories have the highest DR you've ever seen? I was browsing through my collection and was amazed at the DR for Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms. Look at it...
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    Is the AKG K612 the Etymotic of full sized open back headphones?

    The frequency response of the two are remarkably similar: The Er4 is one of my favorites. Any thoughts on the K612? Is it the most neutral full sized headphone ever?
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    ER4SR vs ER4XR which is more accurate?

    If you recorded your voice, or the plucking of guitar strings, or the playing of any instrument, which of these two earphones would play back the recorded sound most accurately? Would the slight bass emphasis of the XR not render the sound of voice or instruments more closely to the way you...
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