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    Fun with vinyl measurements

    I think Vinyl people in other forums do not want to know about turntable and cartridge measurements as they may get disappointed. I like accuracy and good design but that does not prevent me from listening to vinyl or measuring it. Measuring is a way to learn,understand and improve. Let us...
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    Interesting visit to Rega, with measurents and tolerances

    I got respect for Rega after seeing this. interesting to view all 5 parts.. Also Roy Gandys management style, he knows all the workers and every stage and detail in the production What a nice man and great dedication to the products
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    Headphone amp RCA output quality as preamp?

    Many headphone amplifiers has both headphone output and RCA outputs . How are the outpouts connected inside the box ? Can I assume they are from the same opamp and RCA output performance into a amplifier be comparable with the headphone teste loads presented the measurement section here? I am...
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