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    For Sale: Meizu HiFi Pro Dongle

    Comes with original box. Barely used and in perfect condition. Seeing as how these are discontinued but still in demand I am not sure what it is worth. Send me an offer please, however I would not accept less than $60.
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    FS: MrSpeakers Ether CX with ZMF pads and Hart Audio cable + Schiit Stack

    I love these headphones but have decided to get out of the headphone hobby as I am more into speakers these days. Pads are ZMF Universe Lambskin and the Hart audio cable is a custom order, 5' long with 1/8" adapter. The original pads and cable are not included, although I do have the original...
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    No ESS IMD Hump on Cambridge Audio CXA61

    Hi all, I bought a CXA61. I noticed that Cambridge switched their DAC chip to a ESS 9010K2M so I emailed them about IMD. They sent me a measurement and here it is: Looks clean! Just a little hint of a hump. I'm happy with the amp, it's driving my LS50's in my apartment and sounds good.
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    Anybody else experiencing this weird USB audio quirk with the Topping DX3 and DX7 Pro?

    If you install the USB driver you'll see a feature to set the output level. My DX3 Pro's default setting was -15, so I bumped it up to 0. Everything was fine until I hooked my phone up to my Modi 3 then plugged it back into my DX3. The output went back to -15! I had to connect the DX3 to my...
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    Is there a way to turn an Android phone into a bluetooth transmitter?

    My goal here is to play video games on my laptop on the couch, but have the audio sent to my DAC with LDAC bluetooth. My computer does not support LDAC but my phone does. Is there a way to connect my phone to my laptop with USB, then have the phone stream my computer's audio over LDAC? Basically...
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    Reviews of Topping and SMSL Speaker Amps?

    I see plenty of DAC and head amp reviews, but I'd like to kindly request reviews of the Topping PA-3 and SMSL DA-8 (and upcoming replacement, the DA-8s) speakers amps. Until Amir can measure these amps, could any members share their experiences with them?
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    Phono preamp review requests: Schiit Mani, Vincent Pho-8, MoFi StudioPhono / UltraPhono

    Sorry if this is not the proper way to request reviews this is the first thread I've created here. These are three popular affordable phono stages that I'd like to see reviewed. Cheers!
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