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    Sanity check - matching amp to speakers

    Hi all I'm looking at my next speakers, and as well as a number of models reviewed by Amir (mostly standmount models) I keep coming back to the Wharfedale 12.4s as an affordable possibility. My amp is a tiny WXA50, a model which Amir has reviewed on this site. The WXA50 will put out 55 watts...
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    First attempt with MathAudio

    Hi all I've made my first attempt at room correction using the Foobar MathAudio component and a UMIK-1. I understand the principle that the adjusted frequency response cannot resolve the deep dip between 100hz and 200hz in the left channel (please see below) for fear of causing excessive and...
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    Using filters to improve speaker performance

    Hi all First of all I just wanted to say thanks to ASR. I've really enjoyed using the site and reading the forums. I was reading the review of the Q Acoustics 3020i in which Amirm describes how a sharp filter at 40hz filter helped to improve the sound, and was wondering what the consensus was...
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