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    Toslink and Coax spdif

    Hey everyone! I want to use one metre of Toslink or coax. Is it a myth which says the minimum length of these cables should be at least1.5 metres so there won't be any cable reflections? Thanks!
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    Denafrips Ares II not NOS

    I saw a great review on YouTube clarifying that Ares II by Denafrips is not NOS. It's really oversampling with linear interpolation. That's why when John Atkinson did a certain test it had a funny error. The on YouTube the guy borrowed a Audio Precision and proved it out. Very impressive!
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    Great value speakers!

    I think the new Kef LS50 metas are a great value. I use to own the Anniversary models when they first came out. One thing which still to this day I can remember is how present in the room Bono was when playing ones of his new songs. I have listen to many speakers and can't recall any with this...
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    Need help diagnosing speaker thump

    Hey guys, I have an integrated 300b tube amplifier fairly new. Turn on amp all normal but when I am ready to turn off amp after hrs of playing I hear a soft thump through my left speaker only. Is it faulty capacitor a bad output tube. Just want to be knowledgeable of problem before I contact...
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    Any audible differences...

    I currently own a conrad-johnson ET-3se. Uses one simple tube and has a great volume control. I mainly stream Tidal. Any meaningful differences if I move up the line like say to the Et7 2 and get the more expensive preamp with a bigger fancier power supply and slightly improved circuit design...
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    To the digital experts here!. What do you guys think of the Denafrips Ares and Terminator dacs? Lot of buzz around these two units. I currently have a Cambridge 851N streamer. Also a Blusound Node 2. I am considering the Chord Qutest or the Schiit Yaggrisil. Thanks!
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