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    Looking for sturdy studio monitor stands

    Hey! :) I'm looking for something like the photo attached, with these requirements: For studio monitors, so at least 90/100 cm tall Shipping to Europe (my studio is in Italy) Sturdy: able to hold at least 30 kg) The feet are not a deal breaker, it could just have a huge metal base The...
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    Help me treat my room

    Good evening! Sorry for the title but I couldn't come up with a better one. This year I wanted to learn about room acoustics and treatment, and I wanted to help my room sound a little bit better, with a budget of €1000, which will probably involve 3/4 bass traps and some panels from Thomann...
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    Help me choose a pair of monitors (budget max €3500)

    Dear all, After returning my Adam a77x hoping to never deal with Adam as a company ever again, I'm back in the market for a pair of studio monitors and I was wondering if you could help me narrow down my choices and provide some advice. My budget is (max) €3500 for the pair. Ideally, they...
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    Distortion/rattle on Adam a77x

    Good morning, first post here, I hope I posted in the right section :) I'm asking for help because I feel I'm losing my mind. I recently bought a pair of Adam A77x and there is an unmistakable midrange distortion/rattle on pretty much every solo piano piece I listen to or mix, even with virtual...
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