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  1. Bombadil

    Review and Measurements of Benchmark AHB2 Amp

    a nice problem to have! thank you for contributing your expertise to this forum. I placed an order this morning :)
  2. Bombadil

    Review and Measurements of Benchmark AHB2 Amp

    Can you share your insight on when the backlog of orders for this amp will be resolved?
  3. Bombadil

    Review and Measurements of Benchmark AHB2 Amp

    Thanks for this info. Wouldn't it be more applicable if you did an ABX comparison using actual recordings of music at low power levels, rather than a test tone?
  4. Bombadil

    Class D monoblocks, which one?

    D Sonic are built here and the owner is a good guy to talk with about your particular situation. Perhaps he would send one to Amir for testing?
  5. Bombadil

    March Audio Hypex Ncore Power Amplifiers

    Yes, me too. Monoblocks for all of my speakers. Seriously, these look fabulous, all business. If only there were a 1000 into 8 monoblock ;)
  6. Bombadil

    Stereo system for US$7000 or €7000

    I think you are right about the subs. I am the master of losing money on audio equipment so instead of buying a lesser item then reselling it at a loss, just wait until the Fathom is within budget. I know I won't be buying any more subs :)
  7. Bombadil

    Stereo system for US$7000 or €7000

    I purchased a number of speakers with "built in" subs", in fact the original def tec BP2000s, then GE tritons, then def tec Mythos ST-l. It seemed like a very efficient solution but now I would discourage anyone else from this path. The amps are prone to failure according to some, and indeed I...
  8. Bombadil

    WolfX700 Measurement of Matrix Audio Element P All-in-One AMP

    Could you comment on the performance of the amplifier? thanks
  9. Bombadil

    Anthem on sale until end of month

    Just an FYI; 20% off all anthem stuff. I talked with my dealer and he said it was their annual sale, no new versions that he knew of. So if you're looking for a new AVM 60 or STR product now is the time :)
  10. Bombadil

    Verdant Audio Bambusa AL-1 Review

    Manufacturer was spared the headless panther, so I guess that's some compassion ;)
  11. Bombadil

    Verdant Audio Bambusa AL-1 Review

    I've been bamboozled! Omar and the Howlers, worth a listen
  12. Bombadil

    Matrix M vs I, M vs X

    I had the same question and contacted one of their dealers (Power Holdings) and the bulk of the increased cost in the M is the internal power supply. The I version has an external supply much like a laptop computer which for me is a big PITA but for others no big deal.
  13. Bombadil

    KEF Q100 Speaker Review

    Found him. Now I can get some sleep ;) thanks Amir for everything you do for us
  14. Bombadil

    KEF Q100 Speaker Review

    thanks very much! However the link does not include the postal panther. I hope it doesn't indicate our leader is going postal!
  15. Bombadil

    KEF Q100 Speaker Review

    If you could help me with the meaning of the Pink Panther Postman I'd appreciate it. It seems to be applied to devices that work OK but with caveats.
  16. Bombadil

    Dirac and similar

    We certainly need some objective comparison testing of the systems (DIRAC, Audessey etc). I'm very accustomed to using ARC and I think we could all agree it modifies the sound we hear. In my case generally positive, noticed primarily in the bass. ARC Genesis measures by default up to 5000 hz...
  17. Bombadil

    NAD C658 Streaming DAC Review

    I don't have any Sonos speakers; i just use the Ports to get a broadband connection for streaming Spotify or other services.
  18. Bombadil

    TV Repair: some days you are unlucky...

    Get the LG OLED. I had a very hard time giving up my pioneer Kuro plasma but the LG is a better picture. So far (1 year), no burn in. I did buy the extended warranty however.
  19. Bombadil

    3 dead Sonos Ports

    I had three units altogether that failed, so I have to believe there is a bug in this relatively new product. The status light on the top remained lit in all cases so they were getting power, and I've never had power supply issues with other components. You're correct that Sonos is a more mass...
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