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  1. Cosmik

    A Hippocratic oath for mathematicians Ignoring the racist statement she makes further down the article, do we think this is possible? You can't be struck off the register of mathematicians or computer...
  2. Cosmik

    Are plants conscious?

    Some people think so: This immediately reminds me of this:
  3. Cosmik

    Audio content delivery

    I've got a general question regarding the direction of audio 'content delivery'. The current situation is that we have files, and we also have streaming. Streaming fits the modern pattern: information in the cloud, available anywhere there is an internet connection. It is inherently controlled...
  4. Cosmik

    The music we composed ourselves

    This thread is inspired by @oivavoi’s video of a song he composed. What is the process by which music is created? As points for discussion I cautiously submit a couple of small snippets of music I created 30 years ago, using a Commodore Amiga and an Emu sample player. The story here is that I...
  5. Cosmik

    Beyond Colorization

    Just saw this: For the first ten or fifteen minutes you watch original footage in a small frame in the middle of the screen, telling the story of enlistment and training. As you would expect with 100-year old film, the images are silent, monochrome, jerky and speeded up, grainy, scratched...
  6. Cosmik

    For rock music to survive it will have to cut back on testosterone

    From the Guardian: I find the comments after the article interesting. People who would normally acquiesce to the latest social justice ideas don't like being told that their taste in music is...
  7. Cosmik

    Net neutrality, restricting media file sharing.

    To the people who 'know' that MQA is of no consequence: have you never been caught out in the past over the disruptive power of technology and the internet? I, personally, would never have dreamed of some of the things that are now mainstream. Would I have predicted that SMS would be a popular...
  8. Cosmik

    Phase inversion patent

    Seen here: The patent documentation is here: Interesting, because it does almost exactly what I do for my speakers: Make a measurement of the driver, smooth the phase correction in terms of octaves (e.g. 1/3 octave smoothing), then...
  9. Cosmik

    Cultural appropriation in music (Unfortunately I can't get the to the main article because I'm in Europe and there are "technical compliance" issues preventing it being made available here). What a strange world we find ourselves moving into...
  10. Cosmik

    Somewhere Along The Timeline

    A new article in HiFi Critic.
  11. Cosmik

    Classical musician sues successfully for hearing damage This could, presumably, change how classical music sounds forever. Musicians will need to wear hearing protection. Some pieces may no longer be played. Schools will have to abandon their orchestras and concentrate on their recorder and...
  12. Cosmik

    Aston Martin DB4 Continuation

    This seems rather remarkable... the Aston Martin DB4 is being built again - with every part an exact replica of the 1959 original to the extent that they are interchangeable. Needless to say, it isn't certified for the road. Yours for £1.5 million, except they've already sold all 25.
  13. Cosmik

    Tidal to implement album loudness normalization by default

    Seen here. Tidal implementing normalization in accordance with Eelco Grimm's recommendations. This had me worried, because Spotify's version of "normalization" is, in fact, dynamic compression, so I am wary of moves towards imposing it on everyone. However, it seems as though Tidal's system of...
  14. Cosmik

    'The Real Life Ironman'

    Saw this on a programme last night. Complete madness, but quite amazing. Perhaps surprising that it seems so stable.
  15. Cosmik

    2,3,4,5-way speakers: how many ways is optimum?

    Passive speaker designers traditionally find a three-way speaker troublesome - apparently - and many stick to two-way. For example: In other words, the passive approach cannot make a good 3, 4, 5 or 6-way speaker regardless of cost. And the problems with a two-way (active or passive) would...
  16. Cosmik

    Electric commuter plane A plane that ticks the electric 'zero emissions' box. But as long as it's the case that then it's not very convincing..?
  17. Cosmik

    How DNA can be used to store music

    Maybe this isn't just the gimmick it appears to be. What will the reviewers' favourite adjectives be when describing the sound of DNA..?
  18. Cosmik

    How DNA sends innocent people to prison What makes me a little bit angry about this is the idea that "As forensic technology gets ever more sophisticated, experts are only just realising how difficult interpreting the...
  19. Cosmik

    Cosmik's system

    My philosophy is that the stereo recording should emerge from two speakers in the form of sound pressure variations that match it as closely as possible. To this end, I use: digital source in the form of an asynchronous USB multichannel DAC six channel AV amp (90W/channel I think - way more...
  20. Cosmik

    "Apple Homepod: a Speaker to Reinvent Home Music" I guess this spells the end of stereo speakers in the home - if that hasn't happened already. I think it is possible that few people ever really cared...
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