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  1. solderdude

    proper usage of Koss KSC75

  2. solderdude

    What is your daily job ? ... any hobbies ?

    I am curious about what 'audio science review' members do for a living (or are retired) and if they have hobbies other than audio. I'll kick of. Daily job: is designing, building (manufacture), FAT and service electronics for railway measurement systems. Used to work in audio/video repairs...
  3. solderdude

    squarewaves for headphone measurements is it useful ?

    Above the 440Hz square-wave of the HD800, below the HD650. The HD650 produce about the best squarewaves I have measured to date.
  4. solderdude

    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    Just curious ... What headphone(s) do you currently own ? Which one(s) is(are) used the most, or is your favorite ?
  5. solderdude

    Powerbank keep-alive to power low current 5V devices

    Feeding/charging a low-current draw device from a powerbank is not going to work with most powerbanks. The reason for this is that a powerbank has an internal battery of 3.7V. In order to get 5V from an output there is a step-up converter present in the powerbank that puts out around 5V. Such a...
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    Hi Guys, Thought I'd join. Probably will not be posting that much due to being a bit too busy and a second reason listed below. Family, hobbies, website, forum, lots of e-mails, daily job etc. limit the time I can spend. But maybe I have it wrong and might post a bit more than I think I will...
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