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    Hardware Mods - the ugly story

    As if there weren't enough problems in audio, there is this fascinating story about the cottage industry of "modders". Our sptitual brother, Archimago, has just published some measurements of a tube-modded Oppo 105, considered a decent player/DAC in its day, which was not too long ago, as...
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    Multichannel System for Music - Standards, Setup, Thoughts, etc.

    In the Genelec on Audio Science thread, it was suggested that a new thread be opened to discuss multichannel (Mch). Many aspects of Mch seem perplexing and mysterious to a lot of audiophiles, although Mch audio has been around for decades. But, not too much of interest happened with it...
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    Objectivists vs. Subjectivists, one more time

    Once again, our like-minded soul mate, Archimago, has really nailed the eternal "objectivist" vs. "subjectivist" debate in an excellent essay I personally find very fair, honest and compelling: Yes, we have...
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    JBL L100 Reincarnation

    JBL has reintroduced the L100 speaker with retro styling: I do not have fond memories of that seriously flawed speaker, immensely popular though it was. One can only hope that they will...
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    Interesting Beolab 90 Postmortem: Back to the Real World

    I am slow on my reading catchup after the holidays. But, I encountered this and I bought it might be of interest, at least to some of you: Yes, it is Kal's views as he returns to earth and his normal system after having...
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    USB Add-On Devices Measurements, including Regen

    Ok, so over at CA Forum, there is a thread allegedly "testing" various add ons to cure the well known, undeniable ills of USB2...
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    Kef LS50 Wireless Active

    For active speaker fans, I see that KEF has announced an active version of the LS50. It has a DSP crossover and 192k/24 DACS. It functions wirelessly or via Ethernet, USB, Toslink and, of course, analog. US MSRP $2,200. Interesting.
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    True Game Changers

    We have another thread going about excesses of hyperbole in reviews: The leading candidate phrase was "game changer", and that has certainly been overused to a fair-thee-well about individual components...
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    Technics R1 Reference System

    I just glanced at the latest The Abso!ute Sound. I do not care for the reviewers, except for one who is a good friend of mine. He is not the one who wrote this Technics review, however. But, I do learn some interesting new news there from time to time. I was interested in the description of...
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    Ignore Button

    Shame on me. I had no idea we had an ignore button here. But, there it is in the thumbnail that pops up when clicking on a user name.
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    Yannick Nezet-Seguin at the Phildelphia Orchestra and the Metropolitan Opera

    This is very exciting news as of today for me personally. Our Philadelphia Orchestra's Music Director, YNS as we call him, has contractually extended his tenure here through the 2026 season. It was also announced that he wil become the full time Music Director at the Metropolitan Opera...
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    Another Opinion on Why Vinyl is Better.

    Here is something I recently posted at Computer Audiophile. Read it and weep: The real reason for vinyl is contained in Art Dudley's response to a letter in the current Stereophile: "To my ears and to my thinking, the phonograph is the only domestic playback source that does not dynamically...
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    Waldrep vs. Nordost

    Welcome to another flap involving Mark Waldrep, this time with Nordost, involving a power cable demo at a show. Check out this thread before the links disappear under Nordost's cease and desist order...
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