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    Allo Revolution DAC

    Hi @johan Can you please explain more of: "3. OSF Bypass - Oversampling filter will be bypassed. As a result, some people hear increased SQ… but you will lose hardware volume control." Since this is ESS based DAC, what is the signal pathway for this mode? Especially for incoming DSD256/512...
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    Anyone using HiFiBerry Beocreate 4 with Audiolense or Acourate for the DSP crossover ?

    Hi Is anyone using HiFiBerry Beocreate 4 with Audiolense or Acourate for the DSP crossover ? I'd like to use...
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    Genelec and AES67/Ravenna

    Hi @Ilkka Rissanen I know the 8430A IP are AES67/Ravenna compatible. You don't need to give any timeline but does Genelec have plans to extend AES67/Ravenna to more models? For example subwoofers? This would remove the need for AES3 XLR cables completely and just have Cat 6 cable between...
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    Stereo system for US$7000 or €7000

    Hi all Looking for ideas for a stereo system for US$7000 or €7000. That budget is for stereo speakers, amp/s, DAC/s & digital room EQ solution. It needs decent digital room EQ that applies to all sources. And since it seems like HDMI is going to stick around for a long while, I was thinking a...
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    Merging Technologies founder talk - digital filtering and other things about listening

    Interesting talk from Merging Technologies founder. Especially the DSP part. I'm not an expert but am I correct that he has a personal preference for slow roll-off linear phase filters, over fast roll-off? For better time domain performance? Or have I not understood clearly? Please correct me.
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    Measurement of a DA and AD using loopback - what software to use and test signals

    Hi all I'm considering to demo a DA and AD. I can't send to Amir so I would like to do my own simple measurements. It won't be as revealing as Amir's setup but hopefully should show if something is broken. Is there a simple guide on software to use on macOS and where to find test files?
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    Headphones transients

    Can anyone please help with what conclusions you would read from these impulse response measurements. Not practical conclusion (like no difference in sound quality) but moreso technical / theoretical conclusions. So I can learn. My initial question is about the higher peak for the MrSpeakers...
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    Genelec 8030C - digital or analogue, active crossover?

    Hi all Does the Genelec 8030C feature digital or analogue, active crossover? I see some models webpage mention when it has a DSP crossover but this one's webpage does not mentioned DSP or analogue - only active crossover. So it's analogue active crossover...
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    RME TotalMix FX - loopback feature

    Hi @MC_RME I saw this below on your instagram page. I want a loopback software to feed HQPlayer Desktop software, to capture Tidal/Qobuz/Amazon Music/Spotify/YouTube app audio and input it into HQPlayer. HQPlayer Desktop does allow loopback input. My question - is the loopback feature of...
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    Noise cancelling headphones and hearing damage

    Hi all Hoping to have some input by qualified people, not only electrical engineers looking at things from electrical engineering perspective. But of course any discussion is welcome. I’ll use an extreme example for my question: If we have headphones that do nothing in terms of passive...
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    Apple Airpods - EMF radiation levels? Can anyone here do a quick measurement?

    Hi all I've seen a few YouTube videos measuring the Airpods EMF levels. One video says they are like putting your head on a kitchen microwave while heating something: Another says it's like putting your head on a WiFi router: Of course I don't believe everything I read/watch on the...
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    Headphone adapter - 6.3mm to 3.5mm short cable adapter (not hard adapter) with 4 conductors

    Hi all I'm looking for a short cable adapter (under 6 inches), 6.3mm (female) to 3.5mm (male), that has 4 conductor wiring inside (L and R grounds are separate and insulated). I can't use a hard adapter because it's too stiff. This Sennheiser adapter is 3 conductor, L & R share a common...
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    Good measuring floorstanding speakers with sensitivity above 95 dB

    Hi all What are the better measuring floorstanding speakers out there, with sensitivity above 95 dB ?
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    Excellent measuring 'all in one' DAC & Headphone Amps, under US$1000

    Hi all What are the excellent measuring 'all in one' DAC + Headphone Amps, under US$1000? And is there something coming from Topping @amirm ? A follow-up (maybe AKM version?) of the Topping DX7s ?
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    Dr. Klaus Heinz of HEDD Audio (ex ADAM Audio) - measuring speakers, in particular speaker dynamics

    Darko had a great interview with the main man of Hedd Audio (founder of Adam Audio before he left Adam to start Hedd). Really interesting discussion (especially 2nd half of interview) about speaker measurements and dynamics and how to measure. Link: Klaus Heinz talks HEDD Audio Tower Mains
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    Looking for digital interface - USB and TOSlink inputs - AES3 output

    Hi all, I'm looking for a digital interface with: Inputs = USB 2.0, TOSlink, AES3 Output = AES3 Needs to have digital volume control and remote control (for connecting to powered speakers which feature AES3 input). Does anyone know of any? Does RME have something @MC_RME ?
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    Questions For Interview With Bruno Putzeys & Lars Risbo About Purifi Audio

    If anyone has any questions for Bruno, post them here: These opportunities don't come around that often, unless you get to meet with him at a show or something.
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    Sold - NUC i7

    Sold elsewhere
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    Marantz AV8805 and Audyssey MultEQ XT32

    Hey all With the latest Audyssey versions in AVR's, like Marantz AV8805, is it possible to limit Audssey's digital room EQ to 300 Hz (or whatever one wants) for example? And keep frequencies over 300 Hz (or whatever one wants) un-touched by Audssey? Thanks in advance
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