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    Why Don't High SINAD Receivers Exist?

    I have used Dirac 7.1 Mch software since about 2016 on my PC using release 1. It handled 196k PCM. I had no complaints about it or about or about the ExaSound E28/E38. In fact, I loved them. Really, they are absolutely the very best sound that I have had, superior to AVRs, prepros that that...
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    Battle of S/PDIF vs USB: which is better?

    Yes, that refers to the specific case of a convoluted, cheap Singxer hooked up to a god knows what computer. Yes, ground loops and other things are unpredictable, although not that hard to circumvent with patience. But, do you have a general recommendation for equipment which do not have...
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    Battle of S/PDIF vs USB: which is better?

    What? I missed it, and I just recently reread them all. You are in error, to put it mildly, based on the technical measurements which Amir has taken. There is nothing to refute Amir’s initial technical opinion vs. USB over spdif.
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    Audyssey Room EQ Review

    I used Audyssey from 2007-2016, and I was really quite happy with that, same room, same Mch speakers. My last experiences with it were with XT/32 and AudysseyPro, with its calibrated microphone. However, there was a cleaner and purer sound with an Exasound Mch DAC and Dirac in the PC vs. my...
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    Why do we need a center channel in a home theater system?

    Have you read Toole’s book? In it, he makes a cogent point about HRF affecting frequency response near the center of our heads. It is not so at frequencies nearer to the sides. As a really dedicated Mch fan, I think that it is paramount to get a center channel, suitably integrated to the side...
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    Review and Measurements of Emotiva XMC-1 Gen 2 Pre/Pro

    As a huge fan of Mch music, I’m done with prepros and have been since about 5 years ago, when I retired my Integra 80.2 prepro. I first used an ExaSound E28, now ExaSound E38 DAC. I use a PC, with a 52TB NAS and a Ethernet cable card tuner. JRiver running on the PC satisfies my music playing...
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    An evolving journey - DIY Surround on a Mac

    I have been a JRiver fan for about 10 years. It satisfies my needs very well. I am interested in classical music, and it delivers excellent music in 7.1. Tagging and cataloging is excellent, though it requires manual attention. But, I watch TV and Blu-Rays on my TV monitor with it, as well...
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    Multichannel System for Music - Standards, Setup, Thoughts, etc. DSD, as from SACD or downloads, is far and away the outright leader in Mch music recordings in all genres. It not even close. But, you might try BD Videos for music, which have the desired PCM, but in much, much lesser quantities. In either case you will have to find the right...
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    Can Loudspeakers Accurately Reproduce The Sound Of Real Instruments...and Do You Care?

    Good luck finding those among all stereo, except maybe oldies on 33’s for the 50’s and some rare later recordings. It ain’t coming back.
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    Can Loudspeakers Accurately Reproduce The Sound Of Real Instruments...and Do You Care?

    I wish, sooner or later, that everyone could hear properly implemented Multichannel, properly set up, be it a 5.1, a 7.1 or 3D Immersive. That way would end the needless justification - will stereo suffice - over classical music recorded in the concert hall.
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    Review and Measurements of Marantz AV8805 AV Processor

    Don - It’s not up to me to answer for Kal, but we have our similaries. I am a big classical music fan, first and foremost, in Mch. Home theater is a distinctly lesser preference, less in Kal’s regard, a bit more so in mine. But, home theater is still way, way down compared to music listening...
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    Evidence-based Speaker Designs

    Words of deep wisdom from Kal. In the mean time, I do not find the existence of discretly-recorded multichannel at all to be a hoax, even with a 5.1 system. Yes, there is a serious lack in pop, jazz, etc. But, classical is another matter. I have about 5,000 discs at my disposal - SACD...
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    Revel F208?

    I completely agree with @FrantzM. You want to get your ears away from the back wall. Here is Dolby’s recommendation for 5.1: DTS and the ITU spec used for 5.1 Mch are all nearly identical. No, I don’t think...
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    Remote streaming multiple audio signals to multiple underwater speakers in a single location

    Solution: our dear friends at AudioQuest make a “Water” interconnect cable. Won’t that work in this application, unlike their Earth, Wind and Fire cables?
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    High Resolution Audio: Does It Matter?

    Though a supporter of hirez, I don’t agree that simply upsampling on playback prior to the DAC does a whole lot. Don’t a lot of DACs already do that internally anyway? And, it does nothing in itself for filter artifacts already encoded in the music signal from a-d in the recording process...
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    High Resolution Audio: Does It Matter?

    We totally agree that music is what it is all about. I listen for hours each day to a tabletop FM radio with speakers inches apart. I enjoy that music very much at just a little above background levels. I can focus on the music, read, cook or easily have a conversation with my wife or someone...
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    High Resolution Audio: Does It Matter?

    Indeed, why would anyone else in this thread care about opinions posted by others on their own uncontrolled personal observations? I am not seeing any objective measurements or scientific evidence posted by anyone. Beliefs and observations based on uncontrolled listening abound, except for...
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