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  1. roog

    Looking for a book on "digital audio electronics"

    Can anyone recommend a good book on digital audio electronics, please? I am primarily interested in improving my understanding of the techniques, processes and practical implementation of digital electronics in audio systems. If I cast my mind back over 30 years, when I was at University, I...
  2. roog

    PC based (NUC) Audio Streamer

    Hi, apologies for the simplistic approach but I am not especially tech savvy. Whilst waiting for the ASR optimal solution to the DIY Stereo music streamer project, I am considering assembling a simple one from readily available parts. I will be using my existing NAS and Qobuz subscription as my...
  3. roog

    What do you use to implement DSP?

    I notice that DSP gets a mention here from time to time, I just wondered what people use to implement DSP in their systems? I like the look of DIRAC and I currently use an RME ADI-2 fs DAC which has a simple parametric equaliser, just wondering if there is something out there that allows...
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