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  1. Ingenieur

    Power supply 'stiffness'

    I did a crude test to see how much the 120 line drooped when playing music. Set-up: Fluke 87V, calibrated. Took max/min/avg readings x 3, averaged for each measuring location: Police 'Every Breath...' ~ 4 minutes each 80 dBA, I listen at 75, used ear muffs lol Measuring locations: Probes in...
  2. Ingenieur

    Stereophile tested a Topping Pre90

    They loved it. I'd like them to do a Topping DAC.
  3. Ingenieur

    Topping D10B help, please: System Interrupt

    Windows 7 FooBar 2000 44.1/16 FLAC No issue with old CA DacMagic Azur CPU always below 10% Now clipping at times, but SI is always 50-60% Stops when I pause FooBar All I did was load the Topping driver Any help or guidance appreciated. Thanks
  4. Ingenieur

    McIntosh MA6300 bias adjustment

    I've had it for 12 years so I thought a check was in order. Blew all dust out Cleaned heat sinks Cleaned most connections and Vol and Bal pots. They make adjustment easy, 2 pins to clip meter to, the pots are on top, adjust to 20-25 mV with unit cold. One channel was way high, ~60 mV. The...
  5. Ingenieur

    A measurement suggestion

    Some of us use apps (FFT, ClapIR, etc.) for measurements and evaluations. I realize not the best but will give us corse order of magnitude feedback. I would like to see some comparisons: REW vs lab grade equipment vs FFT Spectrum app for example. Accuracy of an iPhone (on-board mic and signal...
  6. Ingenieur

    New TT, SL1200GR

    Based on comments in another forum these could not be found. Some went as far as buying up to a $4k SL1200G! Angst over production moving to Malaysia, etc. I found 2 places with a few. Very smooth transaction with Rock and Soul DJ, a 45+ year old company, perhaps largest DJ supplier in the US...
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