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  1. nick-v

    JBL HDI-3800 Floorstanding Speaker Review

    The 698 is a 3-way design instead of a 2 1/2 way. It might actually have some advantages at the expense of output.
  2. nick-v

    Definitive Technology iw sub reference x2 amplifier question

    I'm curious how you like the IW Sub Reference subwoofers. How large is the room you're using them in? You wouldn't happen to have and use REW?
  3. nick-v

    JBL 4305p

    Looks like interesting competition for the LS50WII (Roon Ready as well). $800 less for a pair. I hope that signal-sensing subwoofer output engages a variable high-pass filter on the speakers that you can set.
  4. nick-v

    Minidsp SHD Review Updated (DSP, DAC & Streamer)

    Haha, well I still don't love the idea of the switch stacked directly on top (even though I'm sure it's fine). The plan is still to move the switch out and put a vented blank plate in its place, but maybe I'll put the vented panel in between the NAD C298 and the SHD so the SHD isn't blocking...
  5. nick-v

    Minidsp SHD Review Updated (DSP, DAC & Streamer)

    It's temporary (the system isn't in use yet). That 8-port switch is coming out and a vented blank plate will replace it. The main switch in the network cabinet is getting upgraded to a 24 port switch and then I need to run some cat6 from the network cabinet to this rack under the stairs.
  6. nick-v

    Minidsp SHD Review Updated (DSP, DAC & Streamer)

    My SHD showed up a couple weeks ago with all the latest firmware installed. I was able to configure it as a Roon Ready device without updating anything. I have the rack mostly completed (awaiting AC infinity Cloudplate T-1 intake (bottom) and outlet (top)). Now I'm just waiting for my Wisdom...
  7. nick-v

    Alpine PDX-F6 Review (4 channel Car Amplifier)

    Pretty impressive performance! I had a pair of Alpine PDX amps (PDX 4.150/ PDX 1.1000) years ago driving some very decent Infinity Kappa 60.7cs mid/tweet components with an Alpine CDA-9887 head unit (which was a known SQ head unit with high quality DACs) in a little Land Rover Freelander SUV...
  8. nick-v

    Minidsp SHD Review Updated (DSP, DAC & Streamer)

    The miniDSP dev team as a policy never let us in on what they have up their sleeve. I would love an updated Roon-Ready SHD with DLBC for dual subwoofers, but who knows... As it is, there isn't really much that competes with the current SHD, so you can't really go wrong.
  9. nick-v

    JBL Stage 135C Review (Center Speaker)

    I did the same thing in my master bedroom system. Rather than hacking up the studs to install a "traditional" horizontal center channel, I installed a beefy 3-way vertically oriented center channel. Much higher performance!
  10. nick-v

    NAD T778 Audio/Video Receiver (AVR) Review

    Having said that. Dirac Live and Roon Ready trumps the slightly worse measured performance (for me). I just find Dirac Live to provide much better results than Audyssey.
  11. nick-v

    NAD C 399 HybridDigital DAC Amplifier

    Very interesting product! Hopefully it's measurements will be more similar to M33 rather than C658.
  12. nick-v

    NAD T778 Audio/Video Receiver (AVR) Review

    What speakers are you using? If your center channel has lower sensitivity than your Main L/R, you should increase the trim level on the center channel. That might help with the dialog. I am not experiencing that same problem.
  13. nick-v

    Minidsp SHD Review Updated (DSP, DAC & Streamer)

    NAD has a pretty good target curve as well with a nice bass boost: Arcam's (Harman) target curve (ignore the mic calibration file)...
  14. nick-v

    Minidsp SHD Review Updated (DSP, DAC & Streamer)

    What target curve did you use with Dirac Live? I prefer a downward sloping "Harman Curve". What's next is likely tracking down or tweaking to taste an ideal target curve.
  15. nick-v

    NAD C 298 Power Amplifier With Purifi Eigentakt Amplification

    I finally ordered my C298 today. It will be paired with a miniDSP SHD driving some Wisdom Audio in-walls in a living room "lifestyle" system (with dual subs). Should be here sometime next week, although it might be a month or so before I get the system installed.
  16. nick-v

    NAD T778 Audio/Video Receiver (AVR) Review

    Or you could use the internal amps in the T778 for the L/C/R and buy an inexpensive amp to power the height 2 channels. I agree there should absolutely be an option to reassign more than just 2 channels of the built-in amps.
  17. nick-v

    NAD T778 Audio/Video Receiver (AVR) Review

    Unfortunately I don't believe this receiver works like that (which is a problem IMO). Even if you're using a separate amp for Front L/R or L/C/R, you can't reassign the internal amps to power the Height 3-4 channels. I believe you would need an additional 2 channel amp to power the extra...
  18. nick-v

    NAD T778 Audio/Video Receiver (AVR) Review

    My new toy showed up this morning... So far I hardwired it to the network switch, set up a DHCP reservation in the router, downloaded the latest updates (then power cycled via the rocker switch on the back), configured BluOS, Roon and Control4. I tested some familiar material and...
  19. nick-v

    Battle of RCA Cables: Mogami, Amazon, Monoprice

    I use Mogami gold XLR's. I still have a bunch of pure silver and silver plated copper RCA's (and other various audiophile cables) and power cables from the beginning of my "audiophool" days when I was chasing the dragon. Some of them are still in use because they look cool and I doubt...
  20. nick-v

    NAD T778 Audio/Video Receiver (AVR) Review

    I'm joining the club too. Replacing my T758 v3, so I'm hoping to hear a decent upgrade. My T758 driven system is my only system that's never quite sounded "right" even before reading about how poorly it measures. The T778 will be driving a 5.1.2 BG Radia in-wall system. I might throw an ATI...
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