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  1. gsp1971

    SONUS FABER BOOKSHELF SPEAKER ADVICE: Lumina II; Sonetto I; Sonetto II; Venere 1.5

    Have you checked the KEF LS50 Meta? Small footprint and great directivity. Also the ELAC DBR-62 are front-ported and have been well reviewed here on ASR. Or are you focused only on SF? If so, in your price range, I have only heard the Chameleon bookshelves in a Hi-Fi Show and they were decent.
  2. gsp1971

    Upgrade Cambridge CXA81 vs Moon Simaudio Ace check the lab sections - only 50W @ 8Ω for the Moon Ace Regards gsp
  3. gsp1971

    Out for a few more days

    what a difficult time for you & mrs. !! wishing you strength and courage and hope that soon it'll all be behind you.
  4. gsp1971

    Message to golden-eared audiophiles posting at ASR for the first time...

    Can't prove it, but my guess is @keith_h was after a lifestyle product with a small footprint and a high WAF rather than anything else.
  5. gsp1971

    Your loudspeakers are too small!

    you mean drivers?
  6. gsp1971

    Introduction and... Power amp recommendation for RME-ADI2

    Although I am no expert, we do have some great wines in Greece, which are unfortunately not very well known to the rest of the world. It seems we sell most of them unbranded to Italy and then the Italians put a label and market them as Italian wine. Same thing happens with olive oil. No, it...
  7. gsp1971

    Your loudspeakers are too small!

    Hi @Digby , Can you please clarify some questions that I have: Convinced based on? Doesn't that depend on frequency? Frequencies over 3-4 kHz are produced by tweeters not greater than 29mm. How can bigger speakers change that? Similarly, frequencies from 150-200 Hz to 2-3kHz are produced by...
  8. gsp1971

    Male vocals

    Johnny Hartman, for those who like such music ...
  9. gsp1971

    Do you mainly stream music or own it?

    I don't use streaming. Have ripped most of my CDs to flac and I play them off an external HDD into my Oppo BDP-105 using USB. I have also created compilations in subfolders, so if I want to listen to jazz (for instance) I select my jazz folder and use shuffle play. Happy 2022 to all !
  10. gsp1971

    Advice for second set of speakers similar in performance/price to Elac DBR-62s?

    Hi @thetrystero I am not sure I understand (a) how the Revel M16s are "closest in performance to the Elacs", (b) how the KEF LS50 Metas are "not up there in terms of performance", (c) how the KEF R3s "underperform" (underperform where?), and (d) why you have shortlisted 3 pairs of speakers for...
  11. gsp1971

    Introduction and... Power amp recommendation for RME-ADI2

    Hi Brian and welcome to ASR. I read your wine tasting stories with interest! Now regarding the question below: The Paradigm Founder 40B are too new so I haven't been able to find any measurements on sensitivity and impedance. Having said that, using the manufacturer's specs and doing the...
  12. gsp1971

    Vintage Audio Advertising

  13. gsp1971

    Are you a Subjectivist or an Objectivist?

    But this is an illusion, isn't it? What is the next step then? Get stoned or drunk and your hi-fi sounds much better? I thought we are promoting high fidelity not sustaining illusions. Merry Xmas.
  14. gsp1971

    Are you a Subjectivist or an Objectivist?

    I totally agree Chr1!! Merry Xmas!! It's just gets on my nerves when people come to ASR, fire on all cylinders, dismiss everything as useless, without having opened a book in their life.
  15. gsp1971

    Are you a Subjectivist or an Objectivist?

    I have already mentioned it: "... understand the potential limitations of the study..." Did not claim study is perfect. It's a model, and as all models it has its limitations. Doesn't "accurate reproduction" result in "good sound"?
  16. gsp1971

    Movies Worth Owning

    why not indeed. it's definitely worth preserving this for future generations to have.
  17. gsp1971

    Are you a Subjectivist or an Objectivist?

    Please, read the literature first, understand what the conclusions are regarding how the estimated in-room response correlates with listener preference (80% correlation by the way, this is statistically significant), understand the potential limitations of the study, and then let's argue about...
  18. gsp1971

    Movies Worth Owning

    this is worth owning?
  19. gsp1971

    Wilson Audio TuneTot Review (high-end bookshelf speaker)

    The curtain is touching the cable that is why the sound is muffled.
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