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  1. snowsurfer

    How can a minijack to RCA cable introduce enormous echo in a system?

    So I was just asked by a colleague in the office to have a look at the system that we have in a loft that we use for business meetings and rent out via AirBnB when we don't need it. It is a full 5.1 Parasound System, I believe they spent around 20K€ or so on everything 4-5 years ago. So, there...
  2. snowsurfer

    Help with new DAC.

    Hello everyone! I hope that these type of requests are welcome here, I need a little bit of help in my path to better audio. :) So currently I use a Schiit Fulla 2 on my PC, which replaced a FiiO e17 due to mostly the better (?) headphone amp and the pot. The rest of my desktop system is JBL...
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