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  1. S

    Outdoor Speakers

    Hey, I have been researching a few different brands for outdoor speakers. I have narrowed down the list to Bose 251, Sonance Mariner 64 and Definitive Technology AW6500. What do you recommend?
  2. G

    Active outdoor speakers

    Hey there folks. So I've been searching the web for active outdoor speakers without much success. If they are wifi / network speakers that's better yet but that's not needed. I want them to be active so I don't need an extra Amp for the outdoor part of my roon setup. Ideally I'd like...
  3. amirm

    Revel M80XC Review (Outdoor Speaker)

    ...So feel free to read what you want into my subjective remarks (objective tests use the same protocol as any other speaker). As outdoor speakers go, the M80XC is on the larger size but attractively finished: Owner wanted it tested without the grill and this is how it looks: As you see...
  4. amirm

    JBL Control 29AV-1 Review (PA/Outdoor Speaker)

    This is a review and detailed measurements of the JBL Control 29AV-1 "PA" Outdoor speaker. It was kindly purchased by a member and drop shipped to me. It costs US $409 (each). In discussion with the owner, we decided to measure and review the speaker without its grill: The grill is metal...
  5. K

    Outdoor Theater

    Anyone have any outdoor movie setup? When Covid hit I purchased a Optima GT1080HDR, 120" elite screen and built a little speaker setup with PVC pipes. I'm actually thinking of digging some trenches to run conduit for permanent speaker runs to do surround sound as well.
  6. S

    USB audio adapter with line output? (re: outdoor speakers, amplifier)

    Does anybody know of a cheap USB audio adapter with line output? I'm looking to connect a PC (w/o a soundcard) to a cheap amplifier (Lepy LP-2020A) to power outdoor patio speakers. Most of the USB sound cards seem to expect headphones or speakers so I think I need something with "line output"...
  7. amirm

    JBL Control X Review (Indoor/Outdoor Speaker)

    This is a review and detailed measurements of the JBL Control X Indoor/Outdoor speaker. It was kindly purchased new by a member and drop shipped to me for testing. It costs US $205 (pair) on Amazon but the owner purchased them at one of those crazy Harman sales for just $99 a pair! Notice...
  8. jhaider

    Revel M80XC Review (Outdoor Speaker)

    Tannoy has made outdoor speakers (5”-8”) with their signature Dual Concentric coax for decades. Their AMS series of outdoor speakers are, like Revel 55/80, popular as height channels. Some of the newer ones also have EQ presets in lab.gruppen amps.
  9. restorer-john

    Revel M80XC Review (Outdoor Speaker)

    Looks like a very decent outdoor speaker to me. Not worried about the bass for outdoors. Just out of interest, is the grille epoxy coated steel, plastic or aluminium? (test with a magnet). I wonder how it will stand up near the ocean. The sheer number of rusty outdoor speaker grilles I see at...
  10. D

    2 Way Speakers : 8 inch woofer directivity question.

    This seems quite amazing to me for a 1 inch tweeter/8 inch woofer, and in an outdoor speaker no less.
  11. J

    Yamaha RX-A3080 Review (AVR)

    I am using multiple external amps with my 3080. The XLR feed signal to the LR channels of a Parasound Halo A31. A Buckeye amp powers Zone II for a pair of outdoor speakers. Internal amps power the Front and Rear height/Atmos speakers. Nothing has ever shut down, ever.
  12. RickSanchez

    This seems like a good place to ask for suggestions: inexpensive but decent "Bluetooth" speaker?

    Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2: There's a couple other suggestions in that article that are around $100 as well. Obviously they tend to focus on "portable" also meaning "outdoor"; not sure if...
  13. FAST

    Any recommendations on outdoor powered speakers

    They will be in a covered outdoor patio. In the corners up high. Area is approximately 25x25x10 Thanks in advance.
  14. SIY

    MA12070 vs TPA3255 (Scientific Measurements Aside)

    It works for Spotify, too, if that's your preference and you have a phone made in the past decade. I use an iPhone for this and get lossless CD and better. Something like the T1E won't cost much more than a cheap amp and will outperform most cheap speaker/amp combos. Probably not an outdoor...
  15. AudioArchitech

    MA12070 vs TPA3255 (Scientific Measurements Aside)

    Not the worst idea, could just sell those speakers and get something like those T1E. I checked them out, they seem good. I wonder which amp boards are in there? Maybe some 100AS2? But I still need an amp for some outdoor speakers.
  16. J

    Revel M80XC Review (Outdoor Speaker)

    @tmtomh @amirm I think it's by design, too. An outdoor speaker is usually heard at a higher distance than an indoor one, so air absorption needs to be considered. Of course, out of axis is an issue as well.
  17. 2ndHarm

    Cold temp in room damages speakers?

    I've owned several Mackie PA speakers and monitors over the years. The manuals speak about using them in cold conditions (think outdoor concerts). They recommend warming them up slowly at lower volumes for 15-20 minutes before going to higher power to prevent damage to the speaker surrounds.
  18. Berwhale

    Outdoor Speakers

    Amrim has measured a few, i'd start by reading through those...[users]=amirm&o=relevance
  19. tmtomh

    Revel M80XC Review (Outdoor Speaker)

    ...have made them more balanced frequency response-wise. So I'm wondering if the brightness might be intentional, given that these are outdoor speakers. In other words, do you think they made them bright - or at least made them smoother off-axis - because outdoor speakers are so often heard...
  20. Buckeye Amps

    Buckeye Amps: New US based Hypex multichannel amplifier builder, line-up announcement!

    Especially with speakers rated at 100+ sensitivity
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