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    I'm in audiophile heaven: STAX SR009-S with Headphone Amp SRM-007tII

    Hello Folks, this time i have the big honor to listen to this very special setup. And what should i say? Sound is absolutely amazing. From bass to treble more than perfect and reproduction of voices is incredible realisitc. You think you are sitting on the best place in the auditorium. There is...
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    Loudspeaker Stands not high enough? What to do?

    Hello Folks, I think you know that I am listening to a comparable small speaker in the last time. This speaker is placed on an older "self made" speaker stand. the problem is that this stands are not high enough for tweeter on ear position. all together 15cm too tall. Here is the situation as...
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    CDP out of time or not? Is it worth to get a new one?

    Hello Forum, i have a small question bc. my older Sony CDP 707ES is going to be out of order. The internal DAC in the Sony CDP is not working any more, it is only possible to operate the CDP by digital output (F/O or Coaxial). The Transport itself is also at the end of its lifetime. The...
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    MRR Mini Monitor Ribbon - The perfect directivity?

    Hello Forum, a few yeras ago i have build this speaker heree, a very special design and is in use for my "Home-Theater", that means this system is responsiblbe for the perfect sound from the Flat-TV. The system is called "Mini Monitor Ribbon" from the german DIY-Magazine "Hobby HiFi". This...
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    The Benchmark DAC2-D Adventure

    Hello Forum, this summer I was looking for a 2nd DAC because my older on has to go to the living room and support there the Flat-TV with its digital output. This was an excellent Benchmark DAC1 (The Original). After a few seeking in 2nd hand sources I found a really cheap Benchmark DAC2-D. The...
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    The build of the Heissmann Acoustics DXT-MON

    Hello Forum, a few months ago I decided to build the DXT-MON after studying several German forums and so on. So the problem was to get the wooden parts for the cabinet due to lack of a huge buss saw. After search for a cabinet maker in the web I found the company "Thomaier". This company sells...
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