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  1. fitero

    JBL 4349 Stands

    While waiting for my new 4349s to show up, I began thinking about which stands to purchase for them. I bought a pair of the JBL JS-120 stands recently for a pair of L112s that I had, and they worked very nicely. However, with my mid-field listening position the sound-field was lower than I...
  2. fitero

    Wanted: Schiit Freya S

    I would prefer one in black, but the silver one will do too. Please PM with your offer. Thank you.
  3. fitero

    Logitech Transporter replacement

    I've researched my options to the point where I've become immobile with indecision. My ability and knowledge regarding digital audio are quite limited. I'm moving to a small village with limited internet and now see myself using a cellphone to stream tidal through bluetooth to my system. I...
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