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    SOLD: Abrahamsen V3.0 Preamplifier + V4.0 Power Amplifier

    I have decided to part with my Abrahamsen amplification. Bought in December 2015, it has served me for a few years, until I moved onto a completely different type of amplifier. The amplification consists of an Abrahamsen V3.0 UP Preamplifier and one V4.0 UP stereo Power Amplifier. I am not...
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    FS: A pair of Apollon Hypex NC500 based monoblocks

    Hello I am selling my two Hypex NC500-based monoblocks manufactured by Apollon. Each monoblock contains a Hypex SMPS1200A700 power supply, a Hypex NC500 amplification module, Apollon's standby control board and Apollon's buffer with Sonic Imagery 994 discrete opamps. Pictures can be seen here...
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