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    Active outdoor speakers

    Hey there folks. So I've been searching the web for active outdoor speakers without much success. If they are wifi / network speakers that's better yet but that's not needed. I want them to be active so I don't need an extra Amp for the outdoor part of my roon setup. Ideally I'd like...
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    DAC + ADC as input selector for digital source and turntable: a conundrum?

    Hey there folks. So I'm looking to get a DAC for my system. It will go directly into a power amp, so no preamp involved. I have two digital sources and a turntable which has a line-level RCA output (built in phono stage) I am willing to use. The turntable is a Sony PS-HX500 if you have to ask...
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    Matching Topping Pre90 / 1ET400A / Focal Aria 906 or KEF R3

    Hey there, first post around here, so please move it wherever relevant if this is not the right subforum. So first things first: cheers Amir, appreciate the work and I've just donated some bucks. So after a lot of careful reading and analysis I think I am set on what I want for my next stereo...
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