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    Best way to construct crossover with tiny/short leads

    Hello Everyone, I think I have an issue with a crossover board. It's a fabricated board in which you solder the leads on the bottom of the board. I was having all kinds of issues and couldn't get the tweeter to behave. I pulled all the components off the board but now my leads are super...
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    Apple Music on Apple TV controlled by iphone give you Atmos over HDMI???

    Can I control apple music on Apple TV with iPhone to send signal to Denon Receiver through HDMI to get Atmos music? Is it lossless (don't care that much about lossless as I've been happily streaming airplay lossy music for years). Just want that Atmos goodness. What kind of upmix am I getting...
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    Software that will let me build a three sided wedge box? Lots of free software for enclosures but none I've seen that you build a wedge.

    Been looking for software to help me calculate a cut list in order to build a 3 sided wedge box. My geometry and math skills aren't great and I haven't used that part of my brain in decades. Essentially I'm wanting to build my own atmos enclosures that will sit in the front corners of the...
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    Help with my room and ringing (is this ringing????)

    lease Help. Issues at 60hz, 80hz, 100hz, 120hz, 160hz, 220hz and 240hz. These are all time-domain issues (I think) as I've eq'd a decent frequency response. Still hearing a bloom to male vocals I don't like at all in dialog for movies and shows. My waterfall measurements is at 3:20 Here are...
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    Thoughts on whether coaxial designs make a larger difference in timing in nearfield environments?

    Do you think there would be larger advantages using coaxial designs in nearfield as the time alignment of drivers would seem to be more exaggerated with the tweeter above or below the woofer in such close proximity to the listener?
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    Q100 speaker as surround in sealed small enclosure

    Hello Everyone, I have two pair of KEF q100's I got for super cheap. They sound great for my surrounds but even better when I plugged the ports. I was wondering for home theater if I could make some pretty tiny sealed boxes to be able to place these tiny things just about anywhere. Looking...
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    Toe-in, sounds stage, center image and dialog definition

    Even though I have the curve I want and the desired amplitude at the desired frequency is it possible I'm getting "smearing" by achieving that amplitude by reflected sound vs direct sound? Could this change the intelligibility of dialogue etc? Hello everyone. I have a pair of RP600m's with GR...
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    Looking for driver and enclosure kit with extreme wide dispersion.

    Hi everyone. I'm pretty happy with my GR research RP600m's with mini dsp for fine tuning at listening position and also dual 18's to shore up the low end at 80hz and below. I'm looking for a kit to build a super wide dispersion speaker to compare to the Klipsch. I'd like to keep costs down...
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    Am I screwed??? 80-100 hertz is non existent with this configuration..happy wife life.

    Dual subs time aligned and eq'd but nothing from standmount or subs at 80hz to 100 hz in that corner!! Anything I can do other than move?
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    Standmounts with subs vs towers with subs

    I know the standmounts vs towers has been beaten to death. Let the flogging begin. But what about standmounts with sub vs towers with same subs. You'll never catch me dead without at least a single sub, preferably dual (not sitting in the front of the room next to the towers but in corners...
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    Distortion...can a low pass filter change the breakup in the woofer at higher frequencies

    Take the Klipsch RP600m speaker. It shows some distortion in the woofer around 600hz but this is playing full range. If 80hz is cut and passed to the sub does this also lower the distortion at the 600hz since the woofer is having to do less work overall? Furthermore, how important is 2nd...
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    JBL Studio 580 Can't find ANY measurements or frequency response graph online for JBL 580

    I'm curious about the 580 and frequency response but can't find it anywhere. Larger woofer than the JBL 530, has two of them and has larger box so curious how that lower end registers. I know it would be room-dependent but still curious.
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