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    Oswald Mill Audio Museum Speaker Beautiful craftsmanship. No idea if it sounds any good. Love the aesthetic but I seriously wonder how messy dispersion is as a result of the aesthetic.
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    Noboru Denki loudspeaker NMP-001 is a non-powered passive speaker Not remotely high fidelity but interesting from a tech perspective
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    Thorens Adds TD 403 Direct Drive “Purist Audiophile” Turntable To Roster
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    Chip amp with sub out or budget AVR?

    I'm looking to replace a vintage HK 930 twin power amplifier with something that has a sub out. Currently using my PC soundcard center/sub out port for the subwoofer and I'd like like to reclaim that port for center channel use. Having difficulty finding a reasonably powerful stereo amp with a...
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    Sound card vs DAC+splitter/crossover for 2.1 audio?

    Currently running a Xonar DG card with UNi drivers, front L/R to a 1973 HK 930 (preamp bypassed) and sub out to an FX Audio TDA7498 amp, the crossover is handled by the UNi driver Flexbass function. The amps are driving a pair of Fisher STV-893 3-way monkey coffins with 15" woofers and a 12" 4th...
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