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    Monoprice THX AAA 887 on sale on uk monoprice site. £250 instead of £370 I have grabbed one! Even got a tenner off for signing up for their news letter.
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    Chord Company launches GroundARAY noise-reduction devices for your hi-fi separates. Is there any actual science behind this?
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    What would the measurements of a speaker taken inside the speaker cabinet look like?

    I was just wondering what the measurements taken by a microphone inside a speaker enclosure would look like and how they would compare to those taken from outside like normal. Would it act like an infinite baffle, would it be like the inside of a car? Anything useful to be gained from this...
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    Is it possible to check you have sufficient amplifier headroom with a umik-1?

    I am trying to resist the urge to buy a new amplifier if i dont need it. Is there a way to check that bass transients are being produced with out clipping using a umik-1 measuring the output of the connected speakers? Thanks
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    KEF LS50's converted to active with brickwall linear phase crossovers via rephase and camilladsp!

    Thought I would tell you guys about the speaker system I have built over lockdown. Particularly as I have used camilladsp for the crossovers and eq and I didn’t find much about that online outside a thread on by the amazing author of the software helping people with it and the...
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    Could someone suggest a good linux distro for running an active crossover?

    I have been working on some speakers i would like to actively crossover using a 6 channel sound card, I have found that windows 10 does wierd stuff to audio. I was thinking about trying linux instead and i was wondering if there is a particular distro which is good for audio, ie doesnt do...
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    Sensible upgrade from wharfedale diamonds 9.1's?

    Hi All, I am currently using wharfedale diamond 9.1's and was wondering what speakers would be a good upgrade. I am particularly curious how much I would need to spend to get a clear improvement in sound quality. There are some measurements at stereophile if it helps...
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    How to measure an amplifier

    What equipment do you need to measure the performance of an amp? Also what are the pertinent measurements to make? Many Thanks
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    Using REW and a miniDSP UMIK-1

    Hi All, I have just received my UMIK-1 and would like to use it with REW to improve the sound quality from my system. My amp and speakers are connected to the pc with REW via an external dac. I was hoping you could provide me with an idea of what tests I should run, point me towards any good...
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    Powering an NC400 with the power supply from an old amp

    Hi All, Been lurking on these forums for a while but finally have a question to ask! The DIY amp reviewed here: Really caught my eye, I love the idea of a transparent amp and I love...
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