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    What can be fixed with DSP?

    Something has occured to me. We have smartphones, smart cars, smart fridges and what do I know, perhaps even smart toilets. But why don't we have smart headphones? Couldn't it be possible to have a smart headphone which would eliminate distortion by playing an inverted signal, a principle...
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    Given poor SINAD of headphones, how big of a difference can an AMP make?

    Headphones have very poor SINAD. Even the best measuring ones have around 0.1% THD+N, which is 60 dB SINAD. A concrete example. Let's take the Stax SR-009, with ~0.1% THD+N. The Stax...
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    Is there any way to objectively measure headphone resolution?

    I just realized something. As far as I know, the only sources indicating that some headphones have greater resolution / detail retrieval than others are subjective reviews. Oftentimes from the same people who would have you believe in benefits of multi-thousand $ cables, 192+ kHz audio and other...
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    Revisiting speakers vs headphones in light of BACCH and Smyth Realiser

    I am planning to buy a complete ultra high end audio system, however I'm still not decided which route to take. Option 1: Headphones like Stax SR009S or Abyss Phi Tc with a Smyth Realiser or the BACCH4MAC software Option 2: Speakers like Genelec Ones or D&D 8C with the BACCH4MAC Which would...
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    What are all the variables that impact DAC quality?

    I was having a conversation in a YouTube comment section and someone said that while a DAC measures excellently in the areas of noise and distortion, that doesn't tell the whole story because these measurements don't take ''transient reconstruction'' into account, and under another video a guy...
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