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    Worth Repairing Old Receiver? 12 year old Yammy

    I have a Yamaha RX-A3000 receiver circa 2010 that has developed a high pitched whine out of its internals, I guess it's some kind of coil whine. This was the flagship receiver at the time. The issue is not only is it loud (audible from about 6 feet away), it's also a variable sound so it draws...
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    D'Appolito Style Coaxial vs Single Woofer (R2C vs R3)

    Seeing as how the Genelec The Ones and Paradigm's Founder series also use this D'appolito style coaxial design, I wonder how would a pair of KEF R2Cs work as vertical mains instead of R3s? Also would there be any deleterious side effects (lobing?) if used this way? Would this be "more of a point...
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    Earpad Rolling

    Does anyone do custom earpad mods? Use aftermarket earpads? I'm usually an HD800 user but I bought a used Focal Elex. The stock earpads are too small for my ears as I prefer larger pads like the HD800. I am playing around with 3d printed earpad adapters and so far I have tried the Dan Clark...
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