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  1. SJ777

    DSP, EQ, Qobuz & Streaming

    I use Roon now, but used to use Moode Audio, streaming Qobuz via the Bubble UPnP app on my android phone. Streaming Qobuz this way incurs no additional fee. There's a small upfront cost for the Bubble app, but everything else is free (apart from the Qobuz subscription). Setting up an RPi is...
  2. SJ777

    Topping E50 vs D50S - help me decide?

    Both have been reviewed on this site. They "sound" the same, but have different features.
  3. SJ777

    Spotify to launch 'Hi-Fi' CD Quality Tier.

    I can only assume that Spotify have waited to see what Amazon and Apple's redbook+ venturing has done to their numbers. If the impact isn't great, why waste money implementing something new? Particularly if your (very large) customer base appears to be happy with what they've already got.
  4. SJ777

    Switching from hybrid to streaming-only

    I'm sure that copyright rules vary from country to country, but here in the UK you need to retain ownership of the physical media in order to legally hold a ripped digital copy. Strictly speaking, this applies even if you give the physical media away for free!
  5. SJ777

    Switching from hybrid to streaming-only

    +1 on dbpoweramp software and removing CD player from my set up. I only had around 500 CDs so not as many as you - it was my "project" during Lockdown 1. I now use Roon, but like @Kal Rubinson above, I also use Qobuz. I also enjoy a purchasing spree on Bandcamp every now and again! To be honest...
  6. SJ777

    Shenzhenaudio Topping EX5 Review (DAC and Headphone Amplifier)

    I'm pretty certain that every time the issue comes up, the policy of supplying region correct cables is confirmed by the likes of @SHENZHENAUDIO and @JohnYang1997.
  7. SJ777

    CD vs hi-res
  8. SJ777

    hi res

    For what it's worth, last night I double-blind tested a recent (2020) album (popular, not classical or jazz) that I have as a 44.1/16 download against a Qobuz 96/24 stream. Same mastering, same volume levelling. My 48 year old ears couldn't tell the difference. The only times that I'm ever...
  9. SJ777

    Raspberry Pi 4b + RoPieeXL + USB + Toppings D50 = Poor Sound?

    If you're going to re-image the RPi with Ropieee, do it without enabling XL. This will still work with Roon and it has the benefit of cutting out additional things that might be causing a problem. If you get stuck, you could always post on the Roon Community Forums. The designer of Ropieee is...
  10. SJ777

    Thank you ASR

    This was me exactly 12 months ago, word for word. Thank you for posting.
  11. SJ777

    Spotify to launch 'Hi-Fi' CD Quality Tier.

    Only if you want Tidal, Qobuz and Roon.
  12. SJ777

    Apple lossless official announcement

    Added into this, Amazon are stopping HD additional charge.
  13. SJ777

    Music is dead.

    Agreed. I'm out of here. Going to listen to some.... new music!
  14. SJ777

    Music is dead.

    Whether or not they're a new band is irrelevant. They're producing new music, alongside artists of all ages doing the same.
  15. SJ777

    Music is dead.

    Well there is evidence that suggests the opposite of what you believe is actually true. Streaming is now by far the largest way in which people consume music. Spotify is by far the largest streaming service. Spotify's most streamed artists are not Radiohead, Nirvana, Springsteen or any of your...
  16. SJ777

    Music is dead.

  17. SJ777

    Music is dead.

    An absolute Amen to that! Kid A is a masterpiece that betters even OK Computer (imo). Can't work out why OP would praise Radiohead as "old music" - A Moon Shaped Pool (2016) is new(ish) and a great listen. I get the feeling that Thom Yorke will always be pushing the boundaries until the day he...
  18. SJ777

    Music is dead.

    Correction offered to avoid what appears to be an objective pronouncement on a subjective matter! Just out of interest, do you have this same dissatisfaction with other forms of contemporary culture - films, TV, books?
  19. SJ777

    Music is dead.

    I am a fan of a country music and I can tell you that it isn't dead. The past isn't coming back (Merle Haggard, Hank Williams etc.), but the future is yet to be written. All forms of popular culture (of which country music is one) change and evolve. That's the nature of popular culture!
  20. SJ777

    Music is dead.

    You've just defined nostalgia.
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