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  1. mvnchies

    Best USB-powered DAC / Headphone Amplifier combo (EU market)

    Hi, my iFi iDSD Black Label just died on me, so I am using it as an excuse to try something else :) I have a pair of HD800 (with "SDR mod"), 300 Ohm around 100dB / mW sensitivity. They will be used single-ended as I ordered a custom cable with 3.5mm, don't feel like replacing it since I am...
  2. mvnchies

    In search of small bookshelf speakers with front port, tricky placement situation

    Hi, I am having a bit of problem finding a pair of speakers for my slightly tricky situation. I have a small living room, in which I can only fit a TV bench that is 160cm wide, my TV is 120cm wide, which leaves 20cm on each side of the TV for speakers... and that also means not a lot of room...
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