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  1. DuxServit

    Masaaki Suzuki's Stax headphone

    For fans of classical music and specifically Bach, you will probably have heard of Masaaki Suzuki and his Cantatas project. In the Bach special issue of Gramophone magazine, there is a photo (attached) of Suzuki-sensei wearing a Stax headphone in the recording studio. I looked-up the liner...
  2. DuxServit

    Thank you ASR for a great year in audio measurements

    Despite being a pandemic & lockdown year, Amir & ASR managed considerable progress in its mission: (a) More DACs and amps being measured; (b) Speakers being measured (with Amir burdening the cost of the Klippel & related tools); (c) Headphones begun to be measured, with the HD800S and Focal...
  3. DuxServit

    Music on Blu-Ray audio

    Folks, I’m a recent convert to Blu-Ray audio. The more I read about it and listen to Blu-Ray discs, the more I believe that Blu-Ray may be the future for disc-based (physical medium) purchases of hi-res music. It does allow various version to be offered on the same disc (e.g. 96/24 stereo; DTS...
  4. DuxServit

    Vinyl remains officially the least popular way to listen to music albums in the UK

    The “death of CD” is over exaggerated ;)
  5. DuxServit

    Cost of XLR outputs in DACs

    Just wondering about why some DACs don’t have XLR outputs: (a) Does XLR outputs increase the complexity of the DAC design? (b) Does it increase the BOM costs? If so, by what percentage?
  6. DuxServit

    Bluetooth 5.0 Cassette Player

    This looks like the perfect Christmas gift for the Gen-Z kid who has never seen a cassette or Walkman: :)
  7. DuxServit

    SugarCube from SweetVinyl to digitize/clean LP sound

    Anyone here have experience with the SugarCube from SweetVinyl: I don’t get why vinyl aficionados would want to...
  8. DuxServit

    300G Blu-Ray discs?

    So I’m looking around for large capacity Blu-Ray discs to burn/archive copies of music files. Largest today seems to be 100G discs. Sony just announced a 128G version. Now I thought Sony was shooting for 300G discs...
  9. DuxServit

    Pink Panther

    @amirm So far I’ve counted three different Pink Panther statuettes in the reviews. Are you collecting them? If so then perhaps folks from different parts of the would could/should send Amir a gift of some pink panthers for his future reviews :cool:
  10. DuxServit

    Sony’s new $7,900 player (DMP-Z1) If someone here has a spare, could you please send to Amir for measurements ;)
  11. DuxServit

    Not going to buy on MassDrop unless measured first

    Folks, So I’ve come to the point of creating my own new “Personal MassDrop Policy”: for measurable devices (e.g. DACs) I am going to delay (or simply decline) purchasing on MassDrop until I see some published measurements— such as from ASR. Do you think this is reasonable?
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