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  1. UDXL2C90

    Modern retro shootout: L100 followers

    It seems as if some of the speaker companies are re-discovering the acoustic suspension (closed box) designs. I have a pair of Boston Acoustics A70 II speakers from the early 1990s, and they still sound very nice, placed approximately 12" from flat back wall. The tone from this closed box...
  2. UDXL2C90

    Any good passive speakers under $3k with a woofer size bigger than 6.5?

    This post & photo makes me think perhaps the OP likes the sound of 1970s-90s bass-reflex and/or acoustic suspension speaker designs. I still listen to an early-1990s pair of Boston Acoustic A70 Series II speakers. They have a "richness" and soundstage that I enjoy, that is quite different from...
  3. UDXL2C90

    Internet Radio - streaming services or URLs

    Apple Music on AppleTV uses both TuneIn and IHeartRadio directories, I think... could it be related to the "interface" between Apple and those services? Just spit-balling here.
  4. UDXL2C90

    Internet Radio - streaming services or URLs

    New forum member here! :) I listen to a lot of streaming radio.. jazz, classical, ambient.. and I grew up on this way of listening with the Internet Radio station library that came within MacOS iTunes. I got used to saving and/or bookmarking the music stream URLs that iTunes used...
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