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  1. jsrtheta

    Ignorant question re: amp repair problem

    I have an old Thule PA100, which I've always liked. But it has two issues: First, it developed a horrible turn-on transient that causes the speakers to POP! horribly. I'm assuming a relay issue? Second, and likely a bit too vague, I noticed that there is a very faint hum in the right channel...
  2. jsrtheta

    Steve Hoffman Forum

    Having way too much time on my hands, I joined the Steve Hoffman forum. First thread I looked at was 14 pages of people asserting how obvious the differences between 16 bit and 24 bit "Hi Rez" recordings were to them. IOW, a 14-page wankfest. Don't think I'll be returning any time soon...
  3. jsrtheta

    Port Plugs

    I recently decided to insert the port plugs on my Monitor Audio Bronze BR2 stand-mounted speakers to decide if they sounded better that way than they do with the ports left open. (In the past, I did the same with an old pair of Krell K.5s I have lying around.) My subjective (so, take it in that...
  4. jsrtheta

    XLR-to-RCA Cables

    This is my first actual thread-starting post. I haunt these precincts mainly for what I can learn, and occasionally pipe up about a topic here and there. I have nothing like the technical knowledge, let alone understanding, of most here. I do thank you for everything you've taught me! But I...
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