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  1. Teletha

    Is my SPL-150 broken?

    Hey! I don't know what has happened but my Klipsch SPL-150 sounds very strange in lower Hz. I set it up as what my Denon AVR x4700H said with gain etc. I filmed it playing a sound clip that goes from 20hz to 45hz. and after about 32hz it stops sounding like a piece of paper is in front of it. I...
  2. Teletha

    Choosing between Denon X8500H, X6700H, X4700H and X3700H AVRs

    Hey! Im new to AVRs and such, and im trying to find a AVR from Denon with hdmi 2.1 to go with my 5.1.2 Klipsch setup The HDMI 2.1 Chip bug - Do we know if this is present on all the Denon's this year? Is there a fix yet? Should i wait? Since i do want a avr to give [email protected] passthrough. I'am...
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