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  1. Kegemusha

    Teufel Streamer

    Hi, anyone familiar with this streamer? I know they have multi room speakers also.
  2. Kegemusha

    Iotavx NP3, streamer and cd player

    Seems interesting. IOTAVX NP3
  3. Kegemusha

    m1060c and membrane noise?

    Hi Last May I bought a m1060c from monoprice EU and I can hear now that the headphone developed a kind of membrane noise. When music plays I can hear a kind of vibration following the music pressure, so quiter sound quiter noise. I gues is a membrane that vibrates and create noise, but the...
  4. Kegemusha

    Hypex nc252, advice.

    Hi, I am looking for an amp, the one I have, not so good, will be moved to the desk, and for what I can see the hypex nc252 will be more that enough for me both in term of budget and watts. I have 4 Ohm speakers. I live in EU and I can't buy from outside, I will need to pay import taxes. I saw...
  5. Kegemusha

    Anyone familiar with the Vista Audio spark?

    Hi, here is a review of this little amp: Anyone familiar with this little 20W amp?
  6. Kegemusha

    Advance Paris DX1, any info?

    Hi, anyone have experience or know how well this DAC Advance Paris DX1 is? Any idea, there is not much review online but has a hell lot of digi inputs. Thanks!
  7. Kegemusha

    Buchardt S300 mkII and recommended amp?

    Hi, for that last past 10 years I had some energy C-Serie bookshelf speakers, I saved some money and I ordered the S300 mk2. I used a peachtree music box for some 9 years now, but the volume potentiometer is dying (it works if it is fixed in 1 position), is not a standard one so ordering one...
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